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Dear all,
I am new to this forum, but not new to the Librem 5. I am following it for quite some time now and consider ordering one. I am not yet fully convinced that it will fullfil all my needs and I am missing answers to some questions, hence I am opening this thread.

Before I start, please allow me to note that I am a huge fan of open source software and the free software idea. In addition to that, and I think this is not surprising to anyone, I am keen on privacy. I am not part of most social networks, just for promoting my music and I am running a 5 year old moto g (1st gen) with lineageos after having used cyanogen mod since day one of the moto g. You see I am also keen on using hardware as long as possible. Sustainabilty is key.

I have considered getting a Fairphone, but the fact that it comes with Android from scratch and lineageos needs to be flashed is a no brainer but the problem with lineageos is that no one can guarantee how long your device is supported. They have shut down roms for some devices end of 2018.

All of this introduction leads to my questions.

1.) Base bands: Living in Europe, I am interested in the supported networks. In this thread users state that using it in Europe is a no brainer, but I am missing an official statement

2.) Batteries: how can I get one and, more importantly, how long can I get one? Topic on battery life ( and ordering procedure ( unfortunately do not answer the question sufficiently

3.) Software: Substitutes ( are often required by users though, as far as I have read in the forums, the team is working mostly on their own software. It seems as if it are packages from the linux distros repository. This leads to the question which packages are available, where they are coming from and how long they are supported if they are not from official distribution repositories. I assume the repos are the pureos repos the other hardware (Laptops) is also using, is that correct? Are they maintained by purism solely or does purism pull, push and merge from other official repos?

I guess from my perspective these are questions I would be very happy to get answered before I am in for the phone entirely. It would be a bonus if these questions could be answered by an official or links posted to official statements.

Lastly I would like to say thanks to @prog-amateur for his statement in

Let´s all remember that the Librem 5 is a phone for everybody who care about privacy. It means admins, geeks, programmers, but also taxi drivers, doctors, teenagers, old people, etc. If I buy a car and ask for a rear camera as an option, I don´t expect the dealer to tell me ¨If you wan´t it, just install it by yourself¨, because, you have to buy the good part model, to connect the video wire to your screen, the power wire to you rear light, to unscrew/screw panels, sometimes to make holes for the camera, etc. You see, this is not only ¨If you are not happy, then just do it yourself¨.

I am not a linux beginner but far away from being an expert, able to submit changes to software. I know my way around but that is it. So I hope that this phone is something I will be happy using.

Thanks a lot in advance to all of you.

Best regards,


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The best thing I can say send an email !
Receive a reply in 5min when here after months no any answer.

  1. Modem not yet choosed so no one can reply about frequency. (it’s an official statement receive by email)
    And no dual sim for first iteration so a second phone can have this function :wink:

  2. Very good question but send that by email and share the answer with everyone

  3. Same than 2

Best regards

  1. will be available after the phone is released