Firefox ESR 102?

Just wondering if we will get firefox ESR 102 on PureOS 10?

Firefox ESR is currently at version 91.11.0esr .

You might be referring to the non-ESR version of Firefox, which is currently at version 102.0.1 and is available now as a Flatpak that runs fine under PureOS 10.

If you’re unfamiliar with setting up Flatpak via the command line, start GNOME Software, search for “Software”, click on it, scroll down and check “Flatpak Support”. Then search for “Firefox” and you’ll see the 102.0.1 version from “Source”. Install and enjoy!

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I might be confused by those 3 mozilla links stating that 102 is esr. ( see esr 102 available to download )

Actually, Mozilla released Firefox ESR 102.0.1 on 12 July. It is in its repository.

I did look at Debian a few days ago. The regular Firefox 102.0.1 release is in debian-unstable. Unfortunately, unless I missed it, Firefox 102.0.1ESR is not even listed. My guess is that it will be a while before it makes its way to PureOS.

Long ago, I grew impatient with Mozilla releases in PureOS, especially since I could not make a judgement on security fixes. I download tarballs directly from Mozilla. I have never had an issue, but I am not the best example. I think most of the Internet is garbage, so I search once in a while for information and only look at about a dozen sites. I am far from a power user. (I am using the regular Firefox 102.0.1 right now.)

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Yes I might be doing that, feels like back in 2000 I was doing that.

Exactly, one way would be for @purismforum to follow and adjust things that are required/necessary as described within this link, for example within its sources.list to something like:
deb sid main

Second “firefox” option would be to perhaps accept and go with proposal I posted earlier (and tell us if it works for him): L14 and new to linux. Related link is here:

I will surely not do a frankendebian, if I use esr 102 it will be from mozilla tar ball, until it gets into pureos repo.

If it takes too long, ill just switch distro if I really need it with all the dependencies that comes with packages.

Rereading my post might help you for certain (but not for sure).

There is some info about it in, about Q3 2022.

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Reviving this thread, as there is more CVE hitting firefox-esr and since version 91 is end of life it wont get patched.

When will ff esr 102 be in PureOS?

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade should help there (as of now).

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Welp yep! nice

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This seems like a reasonable place for this simple question…

Does PureOS do Firefox with all the cool Mobian tweaks?

I ask because Mobian, which I generally love, is broken in Dependency Hell and their images won’t boot. So, I thought I’d try a little distro-hopping on my Pinephone while I wait for my Librem 5 New Year surprise. I find Postmarket still limited in software and Fedora surprisingly snappy with the latest Phosh. But everything I’ve tried, except for Mobian, uses unadaptable Firefox, entirely unsuited for mobile. Useless.

Please, Mama – tell me that PureOS Firefox plays nice!

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I was using Manjaro a week or so ago and Firefox was behaving (at the time). Have you tried that?

Those tweaks come from a package called firefox-esr-mobile-config it exists in the PureOS repositories so you can just install it if you want to try it out on a laptop.

Many mobile operating systems use that package to make firefox fit the display. Their upstream developers are the PostmarketOS project.

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Those issues should be solved in mobian now.

Yes. Looks like my problem was part Dependency Hell and partly my ignorance of the Tow Boot requirement for newer Mobian images. Both fixed now. :wink: