Firefox-ESR Craches on Launch after Latest Update Oct 2023

Environment: Firefox-esr, v115.3.1esr-1~deb11u1

I didn’t see a topic here but Firefox crashes on launch after latest two updates. Has anybody any issues with it?

I switched to Gnome Web Flatpak version and it is actually surprisingly stable, doesn’t crash any longer, while still slow in rendering.

What I tried:

  1. ‘sudo apt reinstall firefox-esr’
  2. ‘sudo apt purge firefox-esr’
  3. ‘sudo apt install firefox-esr’
  4. ‘sudo apt reinstall firefox-esr-m*’

to reinstall mobile configuration.

Neither worked.

Works for me. I’ve done 0 cusomization to firefos and barely use it, but it doesn’t crash when I do use it.

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could you confirm:
‘sudo apt info firefox-esr’

that you are using exactly the same version?

Package: firefox-esr
Version: 115.3.1esr-1~deb11u1

This is what I get, and FF is working fine for me.

If you launch firefox from the terminal, is there any useful output?

Nothing too useful.

[GFX1-]: glxtest: DRM render node not clearly detectable. Falling back to using the only one that was found.
[GFX1-]: vaapitest: ERROR
[GFX1-]: vaapitest: VA-API test failed: failed to initialise VAAPI connection.

[GFX1-]: Handling webrender error 3

I haven’t experienced this, but it could be a problem relating to your default Firefox profile.

You could try launching a different Firefox profile using the terminal:

firefox --profile ~/.mozilla/firefox/profile.default-esr
(change profile.default-esr to one of your non-default profiles)

Or you could move everything from the firefox folder to a safe location somewhere else and then try to launch Firefox:

mkdir -p ~/ff/ && mv ~/.mozilla/firefox/* ~/ff/ && firefox

While I haven’t experienced your issue, I have experienced a different bug that I mentioned in this comment on another post:

I really hope that the Firefox developers can fix these bugs soon.


Thank you that did the trick, moving or deleting the current profiles. Now with the newly created profile Firefox launches again!

Only downside i have to redo all my settings again, install extensions, and make tweaks…

But that is better than having no browser at all.