Firefox Extension Makes Noise Whenever Google Gets Data




I would like to see it in action… on someone else’s computer.

I tested it. It makes a crackling sound like a Geiger counter on my laptop.

The code is here:

" **Note:** Find it ironic or not, but to query the list of all Google IPs/subnets, this needs to contact one Google domain, actually.
(That request does not emit a sound, though.)

So I won’t be using it, because even that connection is one I wouldn’t want. Anyway, I feel pretty confident in my existing anti-Google (and anti-Facebook) measures. (Presumably the add-on crackled on my machine because it attempted to reach a Google site, but hopefully it didn’t actually connect.)


It wasn’t clear to me what exactly that query is but would it be reasonable to make the query as a one-off or infrequently from, say, TAILS or from a completely different computer and then use the results on the actual computer?

I think the extension queries the site each and every time a script contacts, or attempts to contact, a Google domain. But I haven’t studied the code…nor would I necessarily understand what I was looking at.

Seems wonderfully straight forward, nothing untowards pops up from scrips. Iptables (so, for linux only) is used to check against txt file lists of Google IP-addresses (there is a link to original source too). Code is open.

Have to quote the instructions, after running it: “And cry.” :cry:

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This is nice! Thank you for that. And JR-Fi i do not cry it just makes here small noises on a Newspaper like and none on 18 of my 20 daily visited Pages.
I have to add, that i block much google, with umatrix. Like fonts, googlemanager and i have no search activate in my browsers url-bar.

At the Internet: Thank you very mouch berthubert for all your innovation, and lecture you gave like MCH2022…

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@Christal I’m just quoting verbatim :slight_smile: Also: just found a way to have Tor Browser work on L5. Might ease the pain a bit -tears of joy :wink:

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