Firefox mobile config

I’ve briefly tried PostmarketOS on my L5 and it has struck me how usable Firefox is compared to PureOS. Is there a port (on a plan to port) mobile-config-firefox to PureOS?

In the PMOS wiki there’s even a section called “Firefox looks weird”, with an example picture displaying the problem that looks exactly like Firefox in PureOS.


Yeah Firefox looks horrible on pureOS.

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We already have it (package firefox-esr-mobile-config) and it should be installed by default, although we’re currently at version 2.0.0 while postmarketOS is already at 3.0.0.

It looks like the right example, which shows mobile-config-firefox in action :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like the left one here. Is there a chance that removing the firefox directory in $HOME will make it read the mobile config?

It’s not technically possible for it to look like the left one unless you manually enabled scale-to-fit in phoc (in which case you should disable it).

How can one enable “scale-to-fit” in PHOSH? On my L5, some of the screens are not totally visible and I can’t seem to move them around to get to the buttons I need to complete some configurations.

Thanks for any help!

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How can one enable “scale-to-fit” in PHOSH?

I wrote a blog post about that which should still be useful, hope it helps!

Regarding Firefox on PureOS Byzantium: While mobile-config-firefox being a bit outdated is just unfortunate, being stuck on the previous ESR release (78.*) seems more concerning to me.


You can’t get hacked if you can’t use the browser :smiley:


Firefox ESR (on Byzantium) has since been updated to 91.6, so yay!

Sadly, this means that the old firefox-esr-mobile-config package is now entirely dysfunctional.
If you want to use Firefox on your Librem 5, you can do what did:

git clone
cd mobile-config-firefox
sudo make install

You’ll need to have git and build-essential installed to do this. If you want to know what the result will look like beforehand, check out my toot.


Thanks I was exactly looking for that or heading to the forum to report this issue.

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