Fitting an SSD into my Libem13v2

Are you sure you have a 7mm one? If I look at the product page, they have a 9.5 mm option or the 7 mm slim option.

Have you physically measured it and confirmed it is 7mm? I see you said it is definitely 7mm, so I assume you have, but just want to make sure.

I am curious to see the bottom of your HDD. And to be clear, you are not trying to install an SSD, it is a HDD. Just so we’re all on the same page.

Here is a pic of an old HDD I pulled out of a laptop:

Notice how there is no housing under the contacts, its just bare and almost flat to the bottom of the HDD.

Now on yours, is there a lip or some extra thickness at the bottom of your HDD? As per the diagram above that would seem to be the case.

So, because it’s frustrated me a bit. I ordered a 1 TB SDD to get a comparison and et voila it suits perfect.

It seems that the “measurement tool” I used was not very proper. I measured the 2TB HDD just with a calliper, it is the 9,5mm version. Even though the article infos in the shop where I bought it told me it’s 7mm (funny enough, on the package of it isn’t any info about the size).

Nicole, my sincere apologies. You were totally right!

The idea of a reasonable priced storage wasn’t that good, obviously! But 1TB should be enough for a while.

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