FM Radio on Librem 5

Thanks to all.

I know how to copy-paste in terminal. The problem with this is that in the build-in terminal I can not select. Before copy you must select. How do you select? Double tapping does not work here. Does it work for you? Maybe I have to install lxterminal as @prolog says.

A long press in the terminal pulls up Select All and Paste, which may not be adequate. If you select all, then press the >- key in the Terminal keyboard, then pressing the Menu key on the keyboard gets you a dialog with Copy, Paste, and Select All.

It’s not ideal, and apparently doesn’t allow you to select anything except “all.”

I just tried text selection in lxterminal with my finger and it works, although sometimes I don’t select exactly what I want. With sensitive fingers and a little bit of practice it might be fine. I things that’s subjective.

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There’s not a lot of synergy between processing WiFi or 3G/4G/5G and processing radio (whether AM, FM or DAB), nor are the frequencies particularly similar.

Nevertheless you and @amarok may well be right about some of the motivations.

Another potential motivation is that a broadcaster that is serious about internet radio may want to pay for at least a CDN if not internet broadcast points (really multicast) within the core internet. So that’s another revenue opportunity for the mobile network operator (the other side of the coin compared with the customer paying for more data).

Yes, I think I have an early mobile phone packed away somewhere (somewhat older than yours) that had FM radio transmission (very short range of course, for the intended usage - the sort of thing that would be done with Bluetooth today). Phones used to have FM capabilities.

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Even if you had one it won’t work in Norway!

Also modern phones do have FM-radio capabilities. In our household all three Samsung from 2019 and 2020 do have it ( Galaxy A41 ,…) . I used FM radio a lot on my Sony Xperias and miss it on my Fairphone.