For Sale: L5 USA Pre-Order Evergreen + Dock --- $1k OBO

I need the money more than I need the phone right now.

The convergence phone works fine. I still have the original box and will include the charger, a USB-C cable, and the dock that Purism sells.

I may or may not include the PGP card and some sort of microSD card. However those earbuds are mine! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I think they actually sound pretty good. Lol. Better than the cheap ones I got with my Hiby hifi audio player… Plus, they’ve been in my dirty beaver ears. Do you really want them…?

Shipping via USPS + insurance & signature from the US domestically and to Canada and México for additional charges.

I have not used it extensively but, it has taken a few falls. It’s got a few cosmetic scrapes. Pretty much the entire time I’ve had a privacy screen on it. Recently took it off because it was so scratched from simply going into/out of a jeans pocket. :sweat_smile:

PM me or E-mail at:

• Accessory pouch
• Original charger
• Type C to type A USB cable (presumed 3.0 because it has blue but, I have not benchmarked.)
• USB-C dock from the Purism shop
• 16GB mSD card + adaptor
• FreeGeek sticker. See it’s a great organization
• Phone belt clip. Unless you do Not want it. I recommend getting hook&loop tape (i.e. Velcro®) to wrap around the front for securement and easy removal.

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It is generally recommended not to include an email address, particularly in a public post. I surmise that this email address has been created specifically for this sale but if other valid email addresses are readily guessable from the above email address, things can get annoying.


Meh. You’re right. I suppose it would be better to use a disposible E-mail so.I updated my post.


Added photos!

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