Forced Presidential Alerts on your Librem 5


Vote em out some other goof gets in. Big tech wants it and their money talks. You gotta turn on the kill switches to use it right?


And if Purism is in the way of them guess who will win? I’m just glad to get rid of Google(mostly) and Apple and data miner/sellers.
Enjoy it while we still have it. and we’ll have it as long as Big Tech wants us to have it. Sad but true


That depends on what country we are talking about.

The opening post linked to the legislation in the US. The legislation in the US says:

Within 30 days after the Commission issues its order under paragraph (1), each such licensee shall file an election with the Commission with respect to whether or not it intends to participate in the transmission of National Alert System alerts.

That and other text around it makes it clear that it is optional for a carrier to participate.

There is no evidence that these analogies have any relevance to the Librem 5.

Some are getting concerned about a problem that noone has shown actually exists on the Librem 5 !


There is no GNSS hardware kill switch as such. The GNSS is killed if all three kill switches are killing.

The cellular modem kill switch would be all-or-none for receiving from the cellular network. So if you want to make or receive calls or send or receive SMSs on the cellular network then you will receive CB messages whether you like it or not.

However what happens with those messages is a complete unknown.

Best case scenario: The cellular modem blob has configurability and can filter non-calls using filters provided by the main CPU.

Next best scenario: The cellular modem blob filters nothing and hence passes everything to the main CPU. The open source software running on the main CPU gives you filtering options and complete control over handling of non-calls e.g. discard / ignore, log and drop, log and save, log and display, log and save and display. Whatever you want really.

I am willing to bet that noone (by definition in Aspen or Birch) can even test this. It’s not like Purism or me or anyone else in this forum can generate test emergency alerts.


Presidential Alerts should not be juxtaposed with Emergency Broadcasts, although I believe you should be allowed to disable both.


if they can pass a law that makes free-software and open-hardware illegal then yes but how will you PROVE in a court that either is dangerous ? i mean yes a hammer is dangerous too … it’s a tool and any tool can be used for something bad … especially when it crawls through a wire and you can’t see the source-code …

It’s already started.


Danger or lack of danger is irrelevant after they pass the law. The software is a compiled program and is thus encrypted to those who do not have the source code. Encryption is protected by the DCMA (digital millennium copyright act). If you crack the encryption, you go to prison. Right and wrong are also irrelevant. We lose. End of discussion. Suddenly those little Presidential Alerts have more meaning. Today they implement Presidential Alerts. Tomorrow, they implement (by law) backdoors to your contacts list. China just implemented a requirement that every time a phone number is issued, the person who gets the number has to pose for photographs so there are pictures on file of who owns each phone number.


Um no.

Reverse engineering may or may not be prohibited, depend on what country you are in - but that is not encryption/decryption - and it isn’t relevant to this topic anyway.

The POTUS will have access to the Librem 5 source code, the same as everyone else. LOL.


Once again common sense and simple basic knowledge answers the riddle. Thanks kieran


While A Drink Mixer Attacks the Internet of Things, therefore is clear to me that Gnome wants “to send a message to all software patent trolls out there.” I’m not noticing that there is some kind of fear that accompanies Gnome from facing up something (innovative?) like this.


But can they afford a legal battle and how long are they willing to fight and how much lawyer money are they willing(or have) to spend? This is going to be well watched.


Yeah I was just reading your link and it should get thrown out of court real quick don’t you think?


RedHat is owned by IBM and it uses Gnome as default DE - i would say that they have enough to blow them to kingdom-come …


That is good to know. Those patent trolls must be parasites or something worse.


Right, I was lost, but now considering having fourth (independent) one for ST Teseo LIV3F to make sure there are no Real-Time Traffic notifications, besides being connected to mobile Internet (by using “dummy” map just to move around without entering specific destination) and therefore no geo-targeted Presidential Alerts. Again, what I understand until now, CB messages are not SMSs, even thought they are both entering wirelessly your phone from the same BTS. Now our only solution to this topic lies in the hands of software developers. And not to be too kind, @kieran, thanks, as correcting me was necessary, and sorry!

To bet and lose, not necessary … I see you’ve been carefully reading one of my links, thus how about this one: “The functionality has been developed and used at the 31st annual CCC congress (31C3) to deliver spoofed Presidential Level Alert messages.” Obviously was time for lunch break.


If not already mentioned somewhere here this might count: “If a device is not connected to the cellular network – such as a device in Wi-Fi-only Mode or “airplane mode” – the device would not receive WEA alerts.”

Yes, and in order to make it absolutely clear: “Wireless companies volunteer to participate in WEA, which is the result of a unique public/private partnership between the Federal Emergency Management Administration, the FCC, and the United States wireless industry in order to enhance public safety.” I’m not trying to find which one(s) is not participating anyway (as I might lose this time).


i should start mimicking your way of posting quotations from links - it’s more efficient than my current method … :sweat_smile:


Ha ha. That is one way that Purism could test it - but that might not be legal (depending on the country).


Declaration? No, it will always be a surprise attack. Does anyone think one side will “declare” it first?


Does user live in Russia? Does user have Libre5 yet? I’m guessing same answers, yet this:

I guess this means will need a site in the Motherland to compile the Russian version to claim it was “Russian made”.