Future Purism Printer

Yes, fingerprinting on the paper are not prevented. The question is if there still is some kind of fingerprinting which is not indended on such a Purism printer. Like on typewriters.

But if its in the network its also not just about phoning home but also a potential point for hacking. And then a base for further attacks in the network.
This already get prevented with the offline option. So already a good step to get a more secure environment.


my printer has a better CPU than my first computer did :slight_smile: :wink: who would have thought ?


How about a dot matrix printer? :slight_smile:

It should be named Neo,
print in DejaVu Sans in ASCII mode
and have a red pill power button.
Display reads “Matrix: Reloaded” after standby.
No full duplex mode. Trinity mode instead.
Built-in EMP-hardened squid proxy.
Easteregg: replaces the string “Alice in wonderland” with “follow the white rabbit”

Wow. 20 years.
But quite fitting for a privacy respecting printer; )
Can the dot matrix be 6x7?


Given that ink toner cartridges have no clear standardization, how is it that Librem can use a form that will be other than its own proprietary form. If so, do they want to get into the manufacture of this business? They certainly cannot readily use a unit form of HP, Epsom, Cannon or Brother or the countless others such as Lexmark that are in the market.
A Librem printer could try to opt for some port access of a bottle to fill some built-in reservoir, but this would create some whole new set of problems for cleaning and dislodging junked-up and gelled material.

Good point. So how about a first step is to define a Standard Form, perhaps ISO or IEC could be petitioned.

Yes the ink reservoir must be cleanable by the user.

Looks like those wanting a FOSS watch will have something to look out for:

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But will it support Haskell development? That is the question that I find important.

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I just saw the price, it is going to be $25. That is so cheap, maybe I’ll even buy it if it does not support Haskell development out of the box.

So FOSS printers would be very useful for whistle blowers. They could be able to print a document without machine identification codes. Maybe it would be possible to drive it a step further and print fake codes to lead their hunters onto a wrong track. Some basic work on decoding has already been done:

Hunters would have to go further, too if they want to trace someone via the printed document like analysis of the ink or individual laser density during print.

In general a whistle blowers printer should be as mainstream as possible to hide in the mass. For non whistle it maybe best to just don’t print any code or special individual detail at all.


I want one, how do I get it please.

Another thing is Fitness Trackers, ALL current Fitness Trackers spy on your every activity.

Well, at least we have FOSS 3D printers.

I heard about one on a podcast the other day that could print many of its own parts – not sure if the link was the same one I heard about or not.



It can be good to set the default gateway on all printers to be a bogus IP address, assuming that a) you aren’t using DHCP for the printer, and b) you don’t need any printing functionality from outside your LAN.

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I have Brother monochrome laser printer with scanner, comes with USB, brought it several years ago, it wasn’t expensive, even included a toner. Works on Linux. I brought an extra toner for like 20 bucks at that time. I just replaced toner a couple weeks ago as that first toner last me several years of using around thousands of pages.

Ink cartridges always dried up by itself after several months even if you don’t use it, but not toner for laser printer. There are competetive prices for toners at Amazon and Newegg. As for HP, Canon, Lexmark, and Espon, they are crap, I’m not comfortable with them due to their unethical business practices.


This type of product exists. Epson produces (somewhat expensive) “EcoTank” printers that accept bulk ink poured into reservoirs. Epson has always been the odd-one-out for using piezoelectric print heads, which are separate from the ink cartridges and rarely replaced. I suspect this made it easier for them to implement a bulk ink reservoir system. Other brands tend to use thermal heads that are part of the ink cartridge. (IIRC, Canon is the other odd-one-out for using thermal heads that are separate from the ink cartridges).

Perhaps it’s possible to design a printer around replacement print heads meant for Epson printers. Alternatively, a partnership between Purism and Epson would make more sense than a partnership between Purism and another brand that has a razor and blades business model to defend.

Laser printers are great. There’s no ink to dry out, the print quality is consistently high and water resistant, and only HP’s PageWide inkjets can compete with them on print speed. But I imagine it’s easier to develop an inkjet printer. I also tend to think of all those plastic toner particles dispersing into the environment, but on the other hand it’s not clear to me as a layperson whether inorganic inkjet inks are any better.


As you mention, there are already complete solutions, such as:
https://www.turris.com/en/ (also, bunch of other independent companies such as thinkpenguin) … i’d say this is easy enough for a layman/woman to use.

Btw, what brought me to this thread is the same idea as the OP had after I read this article:

from EFFs Cory Doctorow.


that’s so cool … i can open a web-page and then immediately jump to reader-mode in FF without having to drop my blockers … welcome to the 21st.

and now for this :

Plenty of businesses offer some of their products on the cheap in the hopes of stimulating sales of their higher-margin items: you’ve probably heard of the “razors and blades” model (falsely) attributed to Gillette, but the same goes for cheap Vegas hotel rooms and buffets that you can only reach by running a gauntlet of casino “games,” and cheap cell phones that come locked into a punishing, eternally recurring monthly plan.

i also remember the razor-blades-n-lemon-juice business model from Idiocracy 2006