Gardiner Bryant and his new Evergreen (Edited title)

To an extent… I’m 100% sure we can source a different display or a different version of the display. This is how we got rid of rounded corners between the dev kit and early batches.

I don’t know whether there is a variant with a protector meant for anything more than protection during manufacturing, or whether suppliers even put that in spec sheets (I sure didn’t notice it on the one I saw).


For what it’s worth, Pinephone ships with a screen protector desgined for everyday use and another one on top to protect it during shipping.

This absolutely, but you have to admit that the profit margins were screaming at them as well. They could manufacturer things cheaper and quicker by ditching the modularity. On top of that they could help ensure that laptops would still be getting bought more regularly as they broke and people weren’t willing to get them repaired.

I can’t wait for my L14 and L5. One day hopefully in the future there will be a nice little L11 in there as well!


Sorry to chime in with a selfish request but does anyone know what might have changed between Chestnut and Evergreen to enable video out or even just USB communication? I just watched Gardiner’s review and saw the working video out and wondered if mine would work as well but no dice. I’ve been following some of the Purism git tickets related to video out but never saw anything that indicated that Chestnut was not supposed to work though obviously I could have missed it. I can’t even plug in USB devices like flash drives and see them in the OS.

Are the new Evergreens going out with software that enables video out while the Chestnut software doesn’t have that yet? I make sure to run updates every few days so I am on the latest now. Or is there a hardware change that was required to make it work? If so, can you point me to a description of the changes. I am pretty handy with a soldering iron so I would be interested to see what changes are needed and if I think I can make them.

I am by no means faulting Purism for USB/video out not working. I opted for the Chestnut with full understanding that some things might not work. I am just hoping to find out if there is anything I can do to get it working.

Again, sorry for being selfish, but seeing the video out working on Gardiner’s L5 made me jealous. :slight_smile:


Hey, I was thinking about getting something like this


I saw on the video that the first docking didn’t work for Gardiner

Is there some kind of requierements for a docking device to work with the librem 5 ?


The compatibility with USB-C accessories is still being worked on. The kernel that’s currently in the repositories is known to not work with some, but several improvements are already waiting to be released.

Yes and no. There was a hardware change made that allowed us to make the driver simpler, so it currently works only on Dogwood and Evergreen, but AFAIK it should be possible to support display out on earlier batches in the future.


Nice :heart_eyes: thx !

Great, that’s good to hear. I will poke around the git repositories and see if I can figure anything out.

Some of the comments were informed, but many not so much when I first looked.
Also, now that I think back, I guess it wasn’t really a review per se, more like “unboxing” porn followed by a few minutes of checking out features. Still, it’s encouraging to see the message getting out there.

What GNOME upstream update-fetching bug is that, btw?


I can’t provide you with an official issue tracker link but have a look at 5:57min in the video where there is a notification: unable to download update. I experienced that with every GNOME release for years :smile: So I’m using the terminal like Gardiner but that’s not casual user stuff, they expect such things to work. Not to blame Purism here, my opinion is that GNOME sometimes has strange priorities.



Thanks. I’m only vaguely aware of him, so I didn’t think to look elsewhere.

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We should ask Gardiner which model is his not working hub and his working adapter, so we could update tested accessories in Librem 5 Community Wiki.


dude ! DUDE !!! :rofl:


Seems like a RREAKA RE-210D

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If so, video out max resolution would be 4K@30Hz, while L5 can till 4K@60Hz.
Anyway, according to specs it should support Linux 2.6.14 or later.

I asked Gardiner that question yesterday in the Youtube comments. So far he hasn’t responded.

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I like the performance at 1440p as it seems on his video. Just bought a UHD monitor myself (I hope the phone stays responsive at 2160p :smiley: ) which I am using for working from home with a docking station. So switching to the phone would just be switching the cable from the laptop to the phone :slight_smile:. If the phone runs smooth plug and play I may also get another docking station for my beamer room and keep doing the same things with the same device but from somewhere else.


Can anyone add to this when they have their findings?

…then you’ll be even more happy when I tell you that there are still several things to improve when it comes to external screen performance (framebuffer compression, GPU DVFS, compositor optimizations), so the way it works right now isn’t very representative of what the hardware is capable of :wink: