GDM3 fails to initialize display following PureOS update


Upon updating the factory baseline of PureOS distribution by means of triggering “Reboot & Install” process in GNOME Software application, 90 packages have been successfully installed or upgraded from the Purism repository as of 2017.10.02 that is Oct 2, 2017:

% tail /etc/apt/sources.list
deb green main

However, the upgraded GDM3 service fails to initialize a flickering display while the login prompt is only presented on the virtual terminals (in text mode). Is there some way to rollback the latest PureOS update, or perhaps the GDM service to its original behaviour?

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I had something similar yesterday, the problem was in an unsuccessful upgrade process. If you can reach your terminal, issue sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade just in case.


Thank you Mladen; I fixed the partial update of PureOS according to your suggestion. Purism Devlog #3 indicates a similar approach for updating PureOS 3.0:

% sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

Which of the two approaches is implemented by GNOME Software application as a means to update PureOS?