Getting an error trying to install pureos


Here is an image from the error , i hope someone can help .


Better quality


well i post for help at e reddit sub , a lot of people told me to redownload the iso , use diferrent usb , check the hash of the iso . did all of these , i have to say that ssd im trying to instal PureOS is NEW . i formeted it using windows disk manager . someone on discord recomend using gparted , but i wasnt able to download it through PureOS live , installer stucked all the time at 50% , 70% .


Are you using UEFI or booting using legacy mode? I ran into issues like this on my HP laptop until I disabled secure boot and enabled legacy mode.


Im using Legacy Support at Boot mode at bios and Legacy first at Boot priority .


Can you share a little bit more about your set up? What type of computer, for example? Do you have a separate SSD you’re installing this on? It appears that yes. A little bit more information might cut down on the guesswork. Thanks!


hi there! :slight_smile:

u can check if u can mount it manually, just assemble the mount command from the top of the message (put all together the quoted strings with spaces included), in case that would fail, then the squashfs image is maybe corrupted… as it boots up, i think its not, and its most likely not related to anything farer from the installer itself, and i think there is a logic failure, like most likely its already mounted or whatever, but the exit code 32 is not much of a verbose thing, only the other error codes can give it some meaning that what is not considered to be the case here. :smiley: the puppy installer have/had a fail that it checked for existence, but a trailing slash on the path made a mismatch for the check, but i dunno if this could do here anything, cuz then how on earth it ever works :smiley: its a hard nut… i have a dream for the farer future that i wanna rewrite the python installer in lua (just cuz my favorite, but thats not the main point, but the rewrite :smiley: ), but ive got no much idea what im facing with, probably it covers a 5#!7load of caveats that are related to different machines…

ive never tried pureos so far, but there are much places in the debian and ubuntu installers where one can overcome weaknesses of the installers :smiley: like minimal install helped me last time with ubuntu mate on an old machine, network and additional drivers are good to have (the latter is not a thing here) and i prefer manual partitioning, only the mbr/gpt and efi partition are really important to be fine (or i didnt make any other mistakes… :smiley: ), installing from a live boot and boot to the installer only can also make difference. if the partitions are made first with gparted, then the mbr(“ms-dos”)/gpt headers can be set, and the swap can be used during the installation, that is a nice to have on older machines… try harder, try more combinations!

good luck! :smiley: