Gnome Foundation and Librem 5

If I remember correctly it was mentioned in the initial days of Librem 5 campaign that Gnome Foundation would be working with Purism for getting Gnome working to a RTM level on Librem 5.

I believe they are still working with Purism on it. Can a list of applications that Gnome Foundation worked upon for porting to Librem 5 be shared? I know of Geary and Lollipop. Are there others as well that are optimized for Librem 5?

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You can get a decent idea of what already works here:

Web, Contacts, Settings, Gedit (text editor), Weather, Calculator, Clocks, Contacts, Document Viewer all seem to work well.

I am not sure whether the default GNOME Software does, but I suspect so


Here are a few more:


Purism contributed with the creation of libhandy a library with adaptive GTK3 widgets that can be used to make a GTK3 application adaptive.

There is work to port libhandy to GTK4. This was creating a tool to allow adaptive GNOME apps, along with developer documentation on how to make your appliaction adaptive. And also promoting libhandy.

This created the tools for many GNOME application developers to make their apps adaptive.

Besides that Purism contributed to making what would be the base (as in ready on day one) GNOME applications for the Librem 5: Mail client (Geary), Browser (Epihany), Clock (GNOME Clocks), Address book (GNOME Contacts), also a calls application and a Chat/SMS application.

Several Purism developers are also GNOME developers. Every single GNOME app developer that ever asked a question about making his app adaptive in our channels got a reply.

You can see here a non exhaustive list of working apps:


@joao.azevedo, I noticed that Phosh, Calls, Chats (i.e. chatty) and libhandy are all part of the GNOME translation project:

And Purism has its code in GNOME’s gitlab:

Does that mean that Phosh has become an official GNOME project?


I don’t see any difference to what was last spring, when translations were moved to Gnomes’s Damned Lies platform - and you know what I still think about that.… (nothing has been done, as far as I can tell). Those were just placed there but they are… in a strange limbo.

In short, no, not yet. Libhandy development was passed to the GNOME repos, and Purism Developers/GNOME Developers continue to contribute to it. But moving the repo to GNOME’s Gitlab instance makes it easier to be adopted and receive more contributions from GNOME (e.g since it is all in the same repo now).

Using the GNOME translation project was discussed as a way to facilitate translations.

As for parts of the stack become official GNOME apps, there was an initial conversation about that regarding the calls app.


Well, that didn’t go so well. I hope some day it gets fixed.

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