Google Pixel flash GrapheneOS vs Librem5 for US

What is the difference in privacy and security between the two, and considering service providers, what are the differences between the two?

Why should I pay twice as much? What am I getting with the Llibrem5 Im not with the Pixel flashed with GrapheneOS?

Will there be a more affordable Librem phone coming soon? Something around the 500$ range?

Grapheneos is an androidOS made to be more secured. Pixel is a phone made by Google. The company That literally knows when you shit. Librem5 was build from the ground up. With parts that has no proprietary or hidden software. And it’s open source. PHOSH is a LinuxOs based on debian build specifically for the librem5. It is a full OS like the one would find on your MAC or windows laptop. So that means the sky is the limit on what you can do with it. You can hack an alien computer with it… to building apps…to create an AI straight from your librem5. And I forgot to mention it’s extremely secures

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LIke any first adopters, we are probably paying a premium for early models. If the popularity of L5 goes up. Expect the price to go down.

This is where I adopt a New Jersey/Italian/Jewish accent when asked “How can you sell them so cheap?” (Also wearning a used car salesman’s cheap suit.)

The answer is: “Volume my friend. Volume!”

(It is also an old movie meme.)

(This business model doesn’t not apply to Apple.)

Edit: And what is the next thread I click on? “Is Purism Adopting the Apple Way?”

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From my understading, a pixel with graphene is ready to daily use, with the downsides of proprietary firmware of modem, wifi. And a kernel that remains the same only receiving security updates.
With a linux phone like L5, there’s much more security on the firmware side, with the freedom to use real linux distros with the kernel version you want.
On the philoshophy side, a pixel is a very bad, you’re financing google and all the evil they cause. The cost of that one cannot measure and the L5 seems very very cheap once we see the big picture in that sense. Having a L5 is participating in the birth of truly linux phones preserving ethical values, how beautiful is that?

Yes librem5 is a whole new level. If I could compare it to an achievement I would say. It is like the discovery of fire by the earliest human :no_mouth:‍:fog:. Its a whole new approach on freedom and security

So what is the difference between the Librem 5 and the Librem 5 USA? other than the USA is made in USA ?

None… only the price…the one made in US. You are 100% sure. It has not been tempered with by foreign entities

Depends if the U.S. workers are not foreign, say for example: on an H-1B visa. (Still, they considered “U.S. persons”.)

Greater control of the physical supply chain from start to finish.