Google Widevine DRM option is grayed out in Purebrowser


On top of that security is a complicated field that is above the heads of most people wishing to benefit from it. Trying to make that accessible to your average user is a very difficult task.


Google doesn’t support open source solution

You should ask Netflix and Google about your issue to see what they say.


That’s a good point. Firefox Unsullied is not a perfect browser. We have to watch everyone, even those with good intentions. Do you remember once upon a time there was a young corporation whose motto was Don’t Be Evil?


Sorry for the silly question, but how do you reinstall uBlock? I went to put it back, and I got the message oh this is for Firefox, would you like to download Firefox now? Thanks in advance…


I believe I saw one of the PureOS devs say that the preferred way of installing PureBrowser extensions was via command line.

uBlock should be addable via sudo apt install webext-ublock-origin

And presumably anything with a webext prefix is an extensions that can be added, so apt search webext would reveal what your options are


This information deserves its own thread and wiki page.


We do have this in the PureOS FAQ:


No, that compat_mode page describes an alternative to using apt-get to install Firefox extensions. If Purism developers have added Firefox extensions to webext-* in the official repositories, presumably they have been examined and approved by the apostles of Stallman for purity and correctness. The compatability mode exposes Purism followers to the Firefox addons den of iniquity. Better to install and update approved extensions as described by taylor-williamc, if available. (I am serious. No irony intended.)
You should add the above description of webext installation to the compatibility page as an alternative to compatibility mode.


If there is any interest in this information the current addons that you can install via apt are:

  • webext-browserpass
  • webext-debianbuttons
  • webext-https-everywhere
  • webext-privacy-badger
  • webext-treestyletab
  • webext-bulk-media-downloader
  • webext-eas4tbsync
  • webext-lightbeam
  • webext-proxy-switcher
  • webext-ublock-origin
  • webext-dav4tbsync
  • webext-form-history-control
  • webext-noscript
  • webext-tbsync
  • webext-umatrix

To install from a terminal, just do: sudo apt install [addon name here]


Is browserpass the LastPass extension that comes with Purebrowser?


Interesting topic, I also do not like running DRM software on my devices but that’s a personal opinion of course and I understand others might want to keep the ability.

Although, the decision not to run any proprietary DRM software triggered another question on my side: is there any alternative to Netflix (SVOD service) which does not require DRM to operate? I guess the answer would be no because of the right holders but still worth asking :slight_smile: