Hello, I have read through the entire FAQ and here’s my conclusion

I really admire Purism’s work and i hope that you guys would continue to progress in your security and privacy products. I’m awaiting till when Purism can have retail shops instead of online shops. Would you guys take long? And also does the Librem 13 or 15 allow more than two OS to run like Qubes+Whonix with PureOS

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I don’t speak for Purism but that seems unlikely. It is not clear that that even makes sense as a direction if you mean a Purism retail shop, as distinct from a retail shop that happens to sell Purism products, presumably in addition to other products, but even that seems unlikely in the short term.

If this is important to you, it may help to say why you want that and what country you want it in.

Are you talking about dual (triple) boot? or virtualisation?


It’s okay :blush: I appreciate ur reply nevertheless. It’s Singapore but I’ll be moving to places including the five eyes and I need as much anonymity, privacy and security that I can get against adversaries.

Does Purism support triple boot? Or does it require me to customize it myself??

Purism does offer an anti-interdiction option.

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Yes it can do dual boot

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What if I decide to add Tails on a USB stick?¿ and already have two OS running

Then you would boot tails off the USB stick. I assume by “running” you mean “installed,” and that has no real bearing on booting off a USB stick.


Long term, I think Todd envisions to have retailers selling Librem laptops. (*)
But will it work out? Is it still planned? Who knows! Any time soon? Probably not. :sunglasses:

(*) I think I got that from this video - and if I remember incorrectly, it’s still interesting :wink:

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Kieran the Intel flaw in Purism laptops are a huge risk for me, can I change the Intel CPU to a AMD instead??
Or even a 10th Gen Intel

Sorry, which Intel flaw?

Almost certainly “no”, at the current time.

Duplicate of Librem 15 CPU AMD instead of Intel processor

You would need to ask Purism officially about that i.e. what CPU(s) will be in the v5 laptops.

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I don’t trust Intel, they have full control over our devices.
But I love how Purism is doing the best they can for our freedom security and privacy

Check out this YouTube video for more info about the Intel issue

@ksusha It seems that you did not read through the entire FAQ afterall. :slight_smile:
Please read this regarding Intel ME: https://puri.sm/faq/what-is-intel-management-engine-and-what-are-concerns-with-it-regarding-librem-laptops


You can install 255 operating systems on the same disk as PureOS, if you know how to set this up.

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Where does one get 255 operating systems

There are 273 of them listed here: https://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=popularity


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those are just different distributions of the SAME GNU/Linux operating system … well some are BSD based :stuck_out_tongue:

the only true operating system is Linux From Scratch :slight_smile:

and after that it starts to trickle down through Gentoo, Arch, Debian, SUSE, Fedora and all the other forks free-software only or open-source …