How do I open a directory on the phone?

I’m trying to use the Files app on L5. Latest updates installed.

Tapping on the folder selects it.
Double-tapping has no action
Pressing it longer opens a pop up menu that has an Open option, but the menu disappears as soon as I release finger from the screen.

I can’t figure out a way to open a folder (or a file) using the touch screen. I work around using the keyboard but it’s not overly convenient.

Gnome Files will good in Octarine, ATM i recommend this Portafolio



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Portafolio looks nice, I’ve installed it and it’s great for local browsing. It doesn’t have remote connections but it’s the best I’ve seen for Librem anyway. Thanks @carlosgonz

Nemo does remote directories but is very hit and miss compared to Portafolio. Sometimes I click and it opens, sometimes not, typical Gnome quality software. But thanks anyway, it’s a the best alternative so far for when I want to access a remote file system.

OK try this new mobile version: flatpak install flathub org.gnome.FileRoller
If work Purge the rest FilesManager not working.