How do you charge your other L5 battery

I have two batteries - how do you charge the one not in the phone?? Or is it simply replace batteries in phone and charge them ?

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It is very simple. Just pull off the back cover and pull the battery out. Use both and change them from time. I do that too.

Ok, so there’s no clever tech gadget or trick.
That makes sense.

The Librem 5 is not designed to constantly change or manipulate the battery. If so you will damage your L5.

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I do not know what you mean with “constantly”. I do such swap every two or three months just to recharge the other battery again to have always a nearly full replacement.

What you may damage if you carefully pull off the back cover and lift the battery on its strap?

I’ve used one of these type of chargers Librem 5 replaceable battery purchase (and some previous conversations about this topic here: External battery charger for Librem5)


I own an external charger as well. But even charged the battery externally you do it with the idea to swap both if necessary.

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Thank you for the links

Paging @Quarnero, who seems to have done a fair bit of research on this topic.

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@Lliure, while based on: “There is virtually no self-discharge below about 4.0V at 20°C (68°F); storing at 3.7V yields amazing longevity for most Li-ion systems. Finding the exact 40–50 percent SoC level to store Li-ion is not that important.” I’d therefore/definitively agree/support with this thread belonging general and/or starting point recommendation:

P.S. Overnight I usually leave my Librem 5 connected (when already fully charged from reliable power supply) to the one of mine very reliable USB-DCP protocol based power supplies.

P.P.S. And by the way, best/reliable external charger for Librem 5 battery is definitively Librem 5 by itself. On this regard, please rethink again below two very useful recommendations/advises:

Edit: As related to gauge readings it might be important to re-charge second Librem 5 battery, from reliable power supply, when related Linux phone powered-off by waiting until red LED light off (even if red LED light was already off when some particular phone on). Afterwards, by keeping your phone to power supply, turn it on again and if no red LED light appear again your Librem 5 battery is configured properly (to 100% of its capacity or rather to exactly 4.20V).

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Nop. Just because it is maybe easy and safe to charge the batteries in the librem 5 does not mean that the librem 5 was designed for this purpose. if so it will reduce the life of the L5.
It is also ridiculous to use a lot of battery just trying to use a device that is not yet ready for daily use on the power side. I will never.

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Today was my third day trying to use the L5 and battery is the main concern.
I think I am just going to keep a battery pack with me and keep the phone connected to it.
Not ideal but at least it is a simple solution.
The only issue is that with the L5 you really need to leave the house with a bag/backpack …

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