How Do You Drop Files?

While I still await support/help with ONE of many major issues, the below is new.
This is what I see when opening mpv Media Player
Couldn’t find anything in the Docs to delete junk from screen. Sheesh!

Drop or enter a URL. WHERE and HOW? New meaning for DUH.
Well, no amount of swipes, or taps 10 in each direction will show where to get the file to drop… let alone any text boxes.
YES! I saw the other mpv -stuff- but fortunately for everyone else, they don’t have a terrible digital device pretending to be, by appearances, a digital device.

Bet it looked good on paper.
Here goes another day. Thanks Puri for all the work I had to do to arrive at The Sounds of Silence. Simon and Paul did it better.

Assuming you’re attempting to use it on the phone screen and not plugged into the desktop hub, I see that the flatpak mpv Media Player available in the PureOS store (if flathub is installed) states on its info page that it’s “desktop only,” meaning the author of that flatpak hasn’t made it adaptable to small screens.

You might instead try VLC Media Player (Gnome native package) or Videos (Gnome native package). They work pretty well for me.

Keep in mind that “Puri” (sic) isn’t the author of every package in the PureOS (Debian) repo, so it’s not their fault if random package authors haven’t caught on to the existence of GNU Linux phones yet and made their apps adaptive. To their credit, though, devs working directly for Purism have put in a lot of effort into making many apps adaptive.

I’m hopeful and somewhat optimistic that the app situation will start improving at a faster pace.

EDIT: That said, you should still be able to use mpv Media Player on the big screen, if you get your L5/Hub/Computer situation worked out.

EDIT EDIT: You might like this ongoing thread of some vetted apps: List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]


go to Settings/Default Applications. make sure mpv is your default Video Player.

let’s say you have your video file stored in Home/Videos

open Files App.
keep Video Folder touched till context menu pops up and disappears. touch it another time and the Video folder gets marked.
open on-screen keypad and press Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:.
in Video folder touch your video file as long till context menu appears and disappears. your video file is now marked.
in on-screen keypad press Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:.

Enjoy your video :wink:

I am pessimistic. And a Pessimist is a Optimist with experience. :thinking: :smirk:
But I have hopes as well and actually, today has been the best day since the L5 arrived 69 days ago. Actually, 70 but that was great day too.
Thanks for being around,


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