How One Find Modem Specs?

Seem to need modem spaces to get text/ image working.
System, shows me:

and b818Tool shows:

Edited to redact some information. and correct title spelling.

Make and Model are Broadmobi BM818 (no need for any tricky commands because they are the same for everyone)

That just leaves the variant unknown.

You could either take a punt that the variant you have is -A1 (for North America) or check it, with greater hassle, using:

I bought L5 into the queue and was destined for Australia. BUT, I would hope that via my chats w/ shipping(?), that it would be set for N.A. since they knew if changed from Australia to Canada.
I gather there is no safe real way of knowing without the usual hassles.
Everything has another wall to get over. Too sad.

Your shipment info should say if it’s A, E or T variant (T1 is shipped to Australian orders, if I’m not mistaken, “rest of the world”). Also, if you open the back of the phone, the card has the variant code on in (“MCode BM818-X1” where X marks the spot).

For general specs, see: Choosing the Modem and for the differences of each variant (which bands/freqs they support), see: (and for comparing to your local area available bands, see Although, not sure what those specs will help in this particular predicament (you’re probably looking for something else).

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Then that would indeed create a small amount of uncertainty regarding the modem variant.

I’m afraid so. Yes, in an ideal world this information would be displayed along with the Modem Details and I expect that one day it will be. In the meantime …

I recommend Method B in the provided link (method description written by me).

That said, if I understand your post, all the make/model/variant information is probably irrelevant. Just some scriptmonkey working for your carrier who doesn’t know any better. What you really need to know (if I understand correctly) is the MMS settings for your carrier. They should be able to tell you that without their having to know your modem’s make and model.

Correct. Definitely -T1 for Australia.

Speaking of modem specs, is there a way to turn the old modem screech on?


Ringtone, anyone?


They do and during setup, the information was pre-populated by selling agent.

Opening the back of the phone, the only numbers are on the battery. BPP-L503. I lifted that out, and numbers. are the serial number.


Manufacturer: BroadMobi
Model: BM818-A1
Revision: M1.0.0_E1.0.0.2_A1.0.4
IMEI: 863974040838346

After all that, I can’t remember why I’m doing this. :crazy_face:
Time to wine down for the next hour or so.
Thanks Irvine.

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In vino veritas.

Is it because your carrier asked you?

Yeah. Thanks.
So far, the only suggestion, both of them say blow another $1k⁺ and become assimilated into the Googie collective. Their hearts are in the right place, but…

So, everything on my end checks out with both them and thee. I thought, Hey, maybe it’s the Hoyoki. So disconnected and tried a few texts /w pic and no change. Send Text yes, w/ pic no.

I am going to see if there is any other text w/ pick app around. As per Koodos’ suggestion.

It’s getting to the stage where it will sound like …“We don’t support that…” when no one can figure it out.

I would guess that you just don’t have your MMS settings correct. The ideal would be that you find another Librem 5 customer who is using the same carrier.

MMS settings need two things:

  • To know the correct values
  • To put the values in the correct place.

I can’t specifically shed light on either.

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If I’m not mistaken, when I change carrier SIMs in my L5, the MMS settings populate automatically.

SIM 1 : (non-MMS-capable carrier) shows “invalid” in the MMS settings

SIM 2: (MMS-capable carrier) populates with known MMS settings for that carrier

I haven’t tested/observed extensively, though, as I typically don’t swap those SIMs.

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That might be true but I would assume that that relies on some underlying database for “correct settings for each carrier” and there is prima facie evidence that that isn’t working for the OP.

Maybe the carrier is too obscure and is simply missing from the underlying database. Maybe the carrier is in the database but the values are incorrect. Maybe the carrier has multiple codes and is only present in the database for some of its codes.

So, in order to move this forward, where are you looking in order to see the MMS settings?

And, bonus question, what file is the underlying source (database) of valid MMS settings for each carrier?

The Wiki lists /usr/share/mobile-broadband-provider-info/ and within that it looks like serviceproviders.xml and that file does contain MMS settings but that doesn’t mean that that is the file that is actually used - and for the record it doesn’t seem to mention Koodo (on my desktop) but one would need to check the mcc and mnc with the incantation as at

If the carrier looked and said my MMS settings were correct, it only makes sense they are “non-MMS”. Ergo, ‘When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’

Lat I looked, Puri hjas about 27k customers w/ L5. Some, have already said L5 sits in a drawer doing nothing, needs dusting off… It would be easier to to find a honest politician than that kind of flotsome in the ocean.

I think it’s safe to trust Koodo and their MMS settings. Ego:

  • The correct values are enters - according to Koodo rep.
  • The Values, according to Koodo, are in the right place.

They, like all carriers, support the two major monopolies, all else must change to fit the carrier molds, not the other way around.

As I showed, it is “A1”

Agreed. And they did, and it’s correctly entered and in the right place using their required settings.

I read somewhere here, a novel about using a different SMS/MMS . Turns out Chatty, Chats and Chat are the same thing. I am looking for anything else. The blame, not fix is pointing bother ways. They ended with the …‘does not support that brand.’ and L5 doesn’t support Koodo.
Moving on.