How to build a "purism" PC?

I like the concept idea of the purism laptop. The team deactivate the Intel ME and use Qubes OS.
Now, I would like to build a purism like PC. Does someone has an idea and tips which PC part (motherboard and processor) shall I buy?
For example which processor shall I buy since the new 8th gen Intel processors have Intel ME?


it is not possible with modern pc, that’s why i opened this topic, i hope purism will consider it

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and what is the main reason that it is not possible? For me it is enough if I find no Intel ME in the processor and suitable mother board that has/supports libreboot.

It’s kind of weird to know that it is not possible :frowning: .

because of closed firmware

that’s the librebot supported motherboard list

as you can see nothing new there, that’s why i think we need purism to make something for us, as i already proposed if make a new atx/itx motherboard is too much expensive for them, they could just use the same laptop hardware to do not waste man power and money, or even use the same laptop pcb and offer a custom desktop pc, for people who need a desktop

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Thanks @eagle!
You are right, the listed motherboards are very old. I like and support your idea. They can offer the same laptop board for custom desktop PC.