How to disable powersave when screen is locked?

So I just got my Librem 5 and since I have not gotten my music collection copied over to it yet I am currently streaming from the SoundCloud web app to my bluetooth headphones (which is pretty demanding compared to e.g. Lollypop).

I did notice however that the playback of the music occasionally stutters when the screen is off, but when unlocked it works great. So I assumed that there is some CPU scaling going on when the screen is turned off? I have used SSH and used htop to see how the CPU usage significantly increases (about doubles) when the screen is off, which I believe is some kind of proof that there’s something going on when the screen is locked.

I wonder if there’s some easy way to turn this off temporarily? I tried to search the forums but didn’t find anything.

I can see other cases where it would be nice to turn it off, for example I’m currently installing rust and about to do some compilation and it would be nice to be able to do that with full CPU power even if the display is turned off.


Thanks, I have no idea how I was able to miss that one.

I hope that eventually something like will get merged into mainline Linux, which will solve issues like that by letting the DRAM clock automatically ramp up and down on demand rather than having it tied with the bandwidth demands of peripherals (which in our case usually means the screen being turned on and off).