How to enlarge screen?

Hi, I’d like to share my doubt with you: I love big screens! I need big screens to read/work/watch videos… I’m using smartphone to do everything, I don’t use PC/Tablet so that’s why my smartphone has the biggest screen on the market: Huawei Mate 20 X (7.2”) and recently I also bought iPhone 13, quickly sold because too small screen and upgraded to iPhone 13 pro max and still I find screen too small (compared with Huawei!! it makes sense, right?)
So, the only stuff about L5 that scare me is the screen size! I really don’t like that number 5!! How can solve it?

  • buying a simple screen/monitor to connect my L5
  • attach a magnifier on L5 screen?
  • kind of glasses wired connected to L5 that I can use as VR?

Due to my job, tour leader, I can’t wait to go back in my hotel room and attach L5 to TV! I need something always with me to “enlarge” the screen
Please, some ideas? :sweat_smile:

Maybe something like this one?
But it’s not comfortable (imagine I want watch a video while I’m into bed…)

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Or external monitor/display?

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It seems the most practical

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Connect to any nearby TV? :wink:

What when I’m outside? (Sometimes the whole day)

Well, do you want to carry around a large monitor or magnifying screen?

Maybe just deal with the L5’s smaller screen when out and about…? I don’t know…

This one looks like it would be most practical for your outdoor use.

Probably this one is the best solution
Easy to carry and store, light weight, close to screen, no electricity needed small dimensions

This one!!

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HD tablet screen that connects to your smartphone via “high performance hardware communication circuitry”

This is a cryptic way to describe a connection. Why not just say DP or HDMI? By the way, in the movie they speak of “wireless”. If it’s not wireless, do you need a special connector?
It could be worse: connecting via an App to a central server and from there to the tablet … In which case you buy yourself an extra spy-device.


I think a) it is wireless (hence definitely not DP or HDMI) and b) is probably Miracast (or something very similar).

So it’s WiFi but WiFi that is operating as a 2 host ad hoc WiFi network that is independent of your regular WiFi in infrastructure mode (i.e. independent of your Wireless Access Point).

That web page looks to be a bit too much marketing and confused technical stuff.

It seems you do need to install some untrusted, blackbox app (in iOS and Android at least) but who knows what the app is doing. I doubt that it is sending the entire stream to a central server :rofl: but …

As for Linux support … ???


I think this comment needs to be brought out !

Your starting point is the Librem 5, designed to be as blob-free and open and privacy-friendly as possible.

If you then go and front-end the Librem 5 with blackbox hardware, whether it’s a NexDock or a Superscreen or anything else then you do to some extent undo the goodness of the Librem 5.

If time and money are no object (big ifs) then waiting for the hypothetical Librem tablet might be the cleanest and safest option.


PS Superscreen itself seems to have died in 2018 (failed project, producing a moderate number of prototype devices but no commercial product), absorbing $2.5m of kickstarter funds in the process - so if Purism thought that they themselves might like to build such a device in the future (which is kind of cool) then that is an indication of degree of difficulty.


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