How to get GPS working? (Librem 5)


when I open the “Maps” (german: “karten”) app, the location is always wrong. It seems like it is located by GSM and not by GPS.

How can I solve that?

Did you enable Location Services under Settings > Privacy?

Yes, I did.

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For a cold fix, you need to put it outside with a clear view at the sky with GPS enabled for several minutes first so it can download almanac and ephemeris data from the sky before it’s able to track the satellites - exact time will vary depending on several things such as atmospheric conditions. Warm fixes will be faster (GPS almanac is valid for several weeks).

We’ve been recently working on letting it download that from the Internet instead to speed it up significantly, but it will still take some time until it works out-of-box.


If having problems with GNSS, or in any case, I recommend that you disable all other sources of location information.

As is stated above, a new phone may (one off) require up to 20 minutes with clear skyview to download needed information from the GNSS satellites.

Thank you, I will try to go outside.

Uhm. I was about an hour outside. Maps shows me still a wrong position, about 300m far away from my place. What I’m doing wrong?

When I do a

sudo grep -a '$..GSV' /dev/gnss0

then I get something like:


This means that it hasn’t managed to download almanac yet. Do the NMEA sentences show correct and accurate date and time?

What is “NMEA”? Where is the date and time displayed?