How to know my L5 batch?

For anyone else having the same question, you can send an email to: with your order number to ask that information.

I recently emailed Purism and they reassigned by batch preference to Fir as requested . Is there any even ballpark projected shipping estimate ? ie hopefully march 2021 or something similar ?

honestly i’m surprised you are willing to wait that long with this friggin’ lockdown an’ all … i think i’m going to send support an email asking to transfer my Firs to be all Evergreen (a few of them shouldn’t be that hard to move i assume)

to me 2021 seems like a distant dream right now … i’ll maybe wait for a few more dogwood updates before i commit.

See , August to me right now at the earliest seems to be a distant dream.

Covid may mutate and turn us all into the walking dead. Or global supply chain collapses and mad max land ensues. Or perhaps china hits us with an EMP and sends us back to the stone age then invades and enslaves us all.

So , August 2020 or may of 2021 , both seem to me at this point to be something I may possibly never see.

And i already bought these two worthless motorolas so… I figure fir 2.0 will be a present for surviving 2020 * IF * that happens.

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Basically, unless you were a very early backer or asked for Fir, you are slated for Evergreen. Our first few batches are not large due to testing and cost.


Yea , I requested Fir and was told my batch preference had been reassigned to fir via purism ops email.

I’m from October 2017 :slight_smile: I would have asked for dogwood :slight_smile:

Evergreen, join the club. Sep ‘17 here

I placed my order on Oct 22nd 2017, and haven’t heard/seen anything regarding what batch I’m in…

The people that have received their phones, what date was your preorder?

What is the consensus now…Is it better to get the phone earlier, or wait longer for a better more refined product? I’m not sure if I should get an earlier version, or wait at this point?

Better to wait.

Very much looking forward to my Evergreen phone :slight_smile: If Fir is a lot better than Evergreen, I might trade up, buy a Fir and sell the Evergreen for whatever I can get for it.

Personally, I think there will be some value in these early Linux phones.

Now, if the world ends in 2020 or 2021, the last thing I’ll worry about is the phone. In a zombie apocalypse-type situation, I think coffee beans will be like gold :wink:

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time to grab the book of Eli then … :joy:

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I looks like most people will keep their orders for Evergreen, although some have decided to postpone till Fir. See this post for differences between the i.MX 8M Quad in Evergreen and the i.MX 8M Plus in Fir.

There will still be a lot of software issues when Evergreen is released, and if that bothers you, then you might as well wait for Fir. Purism hasn’t said whether it will add more RAM or flash memory in Fir, but I don’t think that i.MX 8M Plus adds enough to justify waiting another year and I don’t mind being an early adopter that deals with software bugs.

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I backed this as a project because it has the potential to add value to the world, even though it means that I am taking on some risk about functionality and performance.

If I weren’t looking to do that then I would probably wait until “V1.0” is available as a normally orderable product (i.e. not pre-order, just order!), and then also wait and see what people are saying. Right now you are looking at a product that is still being developed and improved - so noone knows exactly what it will be like.

Waiting for a future tech product is a bit of a mug’s game. It is near certain that “next year’s model” will always be better. “Grevillea” might be worth holding off for if you are thinking of getting “Fir”. Not.

Better is to look at why you want the phone? what do you want it for? … and then decide if the released, orderable phone meets those requirements. (For hypothetical example, if the camera at Evergreen is not working very well and taking photographs or videos is very important to you then holding off could be indicated.)

One complication is “price”. People who backed the original project or pre-ordered may be being afforded the luxury of sliding into “Fir” at no change of price. There is no guarantee about the future price of “Evergreen” or the future price of “Fir”, or the future price of later generations. This is doubly so if ordering outside the US, where the exchange rate is an additional wildcard.

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is that a pun or play on words ? :rofl:

Don’t you afraid that. Price will go up?

No, why? The price changes were announced months ahead.

  • $599 campaign fall 2017
  • price increase announced fall 2018
  • $699 spring 2019 (I think)
  • $749 & $799 announced end of 2019

Summary: Librem 5 will increase to $749 on January 1, 2020 and once Evergreen ships, will arrive at its final $799 price to reflect the actual final costs of the hardware, instead of being based off estimates.

In my opinion, that final increase has three motivations

  • “preorder now” incentive
  • generate revenue
  • make wiggle room for black Friday sales at $749 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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I let Purism choose which batch they would put me in and they chose Evergreen. That is OK with me. I do not think I will postpone it further. Instead I can buy a new model after two or three years. Of course there will always be a better model around the corner but I am quite happy to get an Evergreen for my preorder payment (October 2017). I do not care about the camera but battery time is important. I think the new board design is an important improvement too. I can wait for software updates but the hardware will not change after delivery. This summer it will be interesting to see how the new hardware will work. Only if there are major problems I will move to a later batch.

Thanks to the Purism developers ! I am an engineer and know how hard it is to start from scratch. In fact I did not believe you could get this far :-). I put my preorder just to support the development of the good concept.


One more in there - I bought mine for $649 in March 2019, after it had been announced that once general availability begins, the price would go up to $699. Of course, it’s gone above that now, as explained in Purism’s posts.


Me too, maybe our price is the fall 2018 price (bullet point 2)