How to make a contact from a missed call

What is the best way to make a new contact from a missed or placed call?

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I guess currently the way to go about it is to longpress the missed call in the “Calls” app and select “copy number.” From there open the “Contacts” app, create new contact and then longpress the phone number field to paste.

This hasn’t worked for me, and I get the number keyboard, with no option to select the terminal KB instead. Seems like the longpress doesn’t work system wide, so I had to connect my L5 to my laptop dock and then paste with Ctrl-V.

Copy works (tested with paste into terminal), but no way to paste into the contacts’ number field.

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Yes, that bit works for me too.

I see now. Then what I have done is switched to the terminal keyboard and did “Ctrl+V” to paste it into the field.

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A pencil and a slip of paper.† Then hand key it back in. Better yet, write it in a physical address book, not easy to erase the whole thing by accident, or by virus, or ransomware.

† (This is so you don’t forget the number you just wrote down in the era where everyone has the memory of a goldfish.)

P.S. I noticed a new thing in the old stationery store in my town (that still exists), next to little address books the same publisher added “password books”. Instead of name they put “Website:” and one of the lines for Notes they changed to “Password”.


I do exports of contacts with the evolution command and share them to other UNIX devices. No chance for accident/virus/ransomware.

Quite dangerous to write your secrets into a book. I use GnuPG based on an OpenPGP card in my L5 and in my FreeBSD laptop.

That depends on
a) your threat model, and
b) the physical security that applies to the book in question.

Even for one given user, it is not the case that one-size-fits-all or, conversely, it is the case of “horses for courses”. The security that you apply for your Purism forum password may differ from the security that you apply for your internet banking password. You would enable 2FA for internet banking (where it is a viable option) but you may think it unnecessary for the Purism forum login process.

For every user, you would also plan for backup - since you don’t want to lose all your secrets. (In that respect, a book is a bit crap because it is difficult to keep a backup up to date and tedious to make the backup.)

Still, if @tracy wants to use a book (he didn’t say that he does, this is just an example) then that is better than only reusing a few easily guessable passwords across the entire internet and probably better than writing a bunch of strong passwords in a plaintext document on the target computer.

Each user should do something but each user should only go as far as is realistic for that user.


Actually the article I read a few years ago put security better into a physical book rather than online anywhere. And again there is the threat model. As a retiree, I don’t need a SCIF and a safe with a digital spin lock to keep it in! But with 30+ years of regimentation, I religiously update my passbook every time I change my password. (And it is of course easier to use a pencil.)

But this thread is diverging, back to making contact from a missed call.

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Thanks for the reminder. Using terminal keyboard does enable pasting the number, with either Ctrl+v or >_, Menu, Paste.

With the default keyboard set to Terminal, according to these instructions, then the Terminal keyboard will not pop up when adding a Contact, because the Squeekboard button “Terminal” is not actually enabled unless you change that, too.