How to put a icon on the desktop?

I cannot move files on to my desktop in PureOS - bug or feature?

Solution is also in there

Wow - interesting… Thanks!

You can install other desktop environment, like Plasma, for example, and have icons on desktop.

I’m glad you brought that up. I prefer the look and functionality of Kubuntu, but I worry that I’d lose all of the PureOS value of security that you guys have put into it. Everything from sandboxing apps to CoreBoot I think would be gone, right?
I’d hate to undermine the security for aesthetics

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Hi @phyzog,

You can install kde on PureOS. I believe the package is kde-full.
It is not the default desktop environment for PureOS, but it will still work.

Run the following command as root

apt install kde-full

Well, everything that is in the Purism’s repository should be considered safe to use. Having this in mind, we should be good to go. Anything outside of it would require technical skills to understand what the code does, IMHO.

Then install the plasma desktop in PureOs. kubuntu is Ubuntu with the Plasma desktop interface.


Perfect. Thanks for the replies. Love my Librem 15 with Plasma KDE!

Edited post for clarity
What is the proper way to remove KDE plasma and it’s dependencies and leave PureOS intact?

I have found several options:
sudo apt remove kde-full
followed by
apt autoremove
sudo apt-get purge kde-* plasma-*

Thank you

Unfortunately, this does not work on Gnome 3.30. Is there any solution to permanently enable desktop icons?

I have managed to enable icons somehow but after an update they disappeared again.

Yeah, I found a solution on the Internet but after another update from Purism all those changes have been reverted back. Unfortunately, I cannot find this article.

Apparently a gnome developer works on a desktop extension which allows to bring desktop icons back:

I had it working, but also for me an update took the icons off the desktop again.

Now there is a new beta version explicitely for gnome 3.30, but for me, this didn’t bring the icons back (maybe I need to reboot…)


I just updated the desktop icons extension, and now icons are back (most of them).

Thanks, the plugin works!