How to shutdown Phosh and get access to a virtual console

I want to test different display servers on the Librem 5. Systemctl stop phosh.service seems to stop phosh but I did not get dumped to a virtual console like when I shut down xorg.

I will get a usb-a to usb-c adapter tomorrow to test direct keyboard access, can I just shut down phosh and ctrl + alt + 1 into a virtual console on a Librem 5? If not how do I get access to a virtual console?


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For anyone wondering:

  • Plug in a keyboard

  • Shutdown phosh: systemctl stop phosh.service

  • Switch to virtual console: Ctrl / alt / 2

  • Play and have fun.

So nice to have a proper linux system on a phone.


The phone use wayland as far as i can suggest. so try to set up an sshd Service in your local network with the phone have a usual ip and remote login with ssh through.

I think it will behave like a normal linux computer.

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