HOWTO: Get pure-maps navigation running on byzantium

The latest CI jobs do not seem to have successfully build a .deb package for reasons I can’t understand (timeout of build machine?). Sorry, I have not looked into puremaps for quite some time. But this is the repository that is most advanced in the debian packaging attempt.

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Thanks i will try to build from there, thank you for your efforts.

Did you have any luck building this?

No progress i think i will wait untill Debian 12 is adopted with updated libraries and maybe a higher chance of build success. Most common build error at time of building something on the L5 phone is the existing packages dont exist or are too old.

That said for now i installed Pure-Maps from Flatpak and it works ok, except in adwaita dark mode the menue settings text cant be read on the background. I have used it for turn by turn navigation and directions (it takes about 2minutes initially to get a GPS lock after which it works within about 25m accuracy). Pure-Maps doesnt have lane guidance (or lane prediction) so doesnt know that when driving one direction on a two lane road means it should confine the car to within the bounds of its travelling lane no matter what since regardless what GPS is saying your unlikely to be driving through the river next to the road…

I am trying to avoid Flatpak. However, seeing all the cool Apps over there, I might have to give in.

same here i use as few as i can and advocate or keep trying to build those i really need, over time it might be possible to remove flatpak but for now gnome foundation doesnt require its circle apps to be packaged as .deb it even seems that they have jumped on the fkatpak bandwagon completely. It would be good for them as a organisation not to abandon .deb packaging.

Any chance to have POI (Points Of Interest) eg: shops, gas stations, mainly speed cameras,…?
Thank you

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Should be in the preferences.