I waited for about 2 years for nothing

it’s ok human history is quite old too … must be why it repeats every now and again :wink:

Read one a few months ago. “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.” Attributed to Mark Twain but they could be wrong.


here’s what the top result from my favorite-search-engine returned to ‘Mark Twain Quotes’

it seems to me that the search-engine algorithm has a touch of human irony :joy:

Hi Nativo,

its ok. Myself waiting for 6 Month, i can understand your frustration. Because i have no other phone or hardware with the same or better support.

Right now i use a rooted lineageos System, just the Kernel is deprecated and have some huge Security issues. I am using my phone for phone call’s with Family and Friends, or to have mobile Internet access.

However 99,9999 Percent of my daily usage can be fit perfect with Librem5, because its Linux and because its a Computer. Even if it will have a lag on some Apps, i know how to use my Computer to collect and share the Information i need.

Use the Time, you waiting to program Apps or write scrips for Services. Sure, it is hard to wait but i like to receive an Evergreen instead of a Dogwood. Hope they can rectify the Battery usage.

The manufacturing stagnated during Covid, which is like it is. We can not change this. Its good to see the Software growing.

Manufacturing stagnated because of the supply-chain due to Covid not because Covid stops manufacturing itself. We have healthy folks on my shop floor twiddling their thumbs because they are waiting for imported parts to come in. Needless to say some of those non-ITAR parts are from China which have new customs regulations and tariffs and our buyers are trying to switch their suppliers to Vietnam, India, or somewhere in-between.

To those saying “gEt InVoLvEd nExT tImE, u dINt oRdEr”, use a few more brain cells to come to the conclusion that not EVERYONE is like you or can do what you can. Everyone’s situation is different. I don’t have the money to spend on a phone that we know hasn’t been somehow ready. Maybe you do, or you don’t mind spending on supporting it. Good for you, don’t stop supporting. “Get involved” Pfff, so not ordering = not getting involved? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read today, and boy have I heard some stupid crap today.

Sorry for saying all of this. As clearly stated, this was just meant as an emotional relief, But somehow it didn’t fail to attract the typical response of the cool black and white smoking french guy. Please, don’t bother to reply. Nothing constructive can or will come out this thread. If a Mod is reading this, this is a good example of a post that should be locked and taken as finished.



I wasn’t talking about you. Actually, thank you for your response. In fact it was very constructive and informative. Thank you very much.

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I’m not surprise of this reaction coming from you. A different person will be happy that the phone can be bought with $750 instead of his initial confusion of $2000.

But you go on and use your $2000 for:

I don’t think I could ever afford to spend that much money on computers…
Yes, I pre-order the phone 2 years ago. Yes it was one of the most expensive computer acquisition I ever did, and I will still have to pay a lot of money on VAT and other taxes.

So, expensive,risky and still a lot of time needed to be made good. But it’s the only if you truly believe in it.


Fair enough.