Instruction for build


Do you have some instruction for build firmware for phone? I like to try firmaware on my old phone. Maybe you have some instructions? I understand that you are on initial development steps, but maybe something already exists :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “firmware”?

Sorry, i mean OS. I like to replace Android(with proprietary firmware) by PureOS(with open source firmware in meaning drivers). I like as minimum try to reuse already existed PureOs code where can, maybe not for full functionality.

I like to replace boot code also, but i think its imposible for now.

That’s impossible, Android phones require a bunch of non-free firmware which we do not provide with PureOS.

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What about Pure PhoneOS check on Qemu(arm), is it possible?

So you rather mean something like this? which usually consists of toolchain and (e|si)mulator to build, run and test developed application?

I think about something that more widely than SDK, like some instruction to build / port OS to other devices or build qemu image.

Ok, that will be kind of PDK. But you see, it will never happen. Unless Purism fails to deliver transparent platform and joins the horde of libhybris-based platforms.
The reason for that is exactly that - purism attempts to build a hardware on which you can just run the distro. i.e. it should be supported by mainline kernel with no requirements to inject vendor-specific binary blob for HAL emulation.
So build instructions should be something simple like - use this device-tree table, add these udev rules, blacklist these modules, pre-load those modules, add these kernel boot params - and that’s it.