International keyboard talk (discussion)


Is it possible to reprogram the keys on a Librem 15 version 3 (or any Librem laptop) to make a UK keyboard more like an American keyboard?

If so, are where could I find instructions on how to do this?

I realize there are physical/real world keyboard layout differences with sizes and shapes of some of the keys near the pinkie fingers in the UK vs US keyboards.

I’m thinking about getting a clearance Librem 15 version 3 with UK keyboard and would like to change the function of some of the keys to make it more like a US keyboard. Especially would like not to have to reach so far to shift with my left pinkie by making the key just below and to the left of the “A” key able to shift.

Not sure if this should be a new thread. Thanks.


Short answer: Pretty sure yes, it’s possible

Some models had issues with the keyboard embedded controller, which were fixable with a configuration file.

You can read a bit here:

As far as I can see, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to apply that to any keys of your choice so that the system interprets the generated keycodes as whatever keycode you would prefer