Introducing the Librem Key


Yes Sir. PureOS here all the way.


Login to your desktop, insert the Librem Key and then run gpg --card-status.



That video was of dmidecode for some reason, maybe you meant to paste a different video. Please try logging in as your regular user, inserting the Librem Key, and running gpg --card-status. It should just work, as the only additional package you should need is scdaemon, which you have installed.


Right, I wanted to show you the output of dmidecode so you could see I am running PureOS, etc. but I really should have just shown you my /etc/apt/sources.list or something :slight_smile:

In any case, I’ve gone through all these steps and continue to see the original error. Reading through gpgconf’s man page, I learned about its --check-programs arg and see everything is available and working.

~ gpgconf --check-programs
gpg-agent:Private Keys:/usr/bin/gpg-agent:1:1:
pinentry:Passphrase Entry:/usr/bin/pinentry:1:1:

I can also reproduce the original error across both USB ports (had to try). Really not sure what other knobs to turn here. I happen to be using gpg 2.2.11. Can I ask your version?


I’m using the default gpg 2.2.11 package with the default terminal and shell on the default PureOS desktop. On this side I took a Librem 15v3, installed a vanilla PureOS on top of it and then installed scdaemon and the Librem Key showed up with gpg --card-status.


Got it! Found disable-scdaemon in my ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf

duh :slight_smile:


@Kyle_Rankin Hi ! will the Librem Key work only for the Librem laptops or will it also support the Librem 5 once it gets released ?


My apologies if this has been asked before, but could a future version of the Librem Key be in a similar form factor as the YubiKey NEO, and not like a standard USB drive? It seems to be much more durable that way.


A USB-C type would be awesome and much more usable than the USB-A Version it is now.


The goal is to support the Librem 5 as well, but because the Librem 5 has a USB-C connector, it means using a hub or other adapter to use existing Librem Keys. At some point we would like to offer a USB-C connector option as well.

Also note that the Librem 5 will feature its own internal OpenPGP smartcard reader so it can already perform a lot of the security features of the Librem Key with respect to secure key storage.