Is it in plan to have tablets as well

I saw posts about Librem 11 past 2 years ago or so but no info on the purism website.
Is it something that will be done in the future [a tablet with kill switches]?


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I think currently there is so much to do with the Librem 5 that any tablet plans have been pushed further to the future. Have a look at these earlier threads about it, some of them more recent than 2 years:


I would certainly be interested in what Purism has to say regarding their current thinking on this.

On the other hand, given that they will get caned for failing to meet deadlines, maybe it is better to keep quiet. :slight_smile:

Existing non-Purism speculation has focused on two different ideas.

  • Upsizing the Librem 5
  • Downsizing a Librem laptop

In the meantime it seems like there is a lot more work to do on the Librem 5, and I would rather one quality product than two unfinished products.


Agree. I’m thinking on an L5 as well

And some Purism speculation: Touchscreen external monitors on Librem hardware? appearing to favor upsizing the Librem 5.

Right, this is the most reasonable approach to do, i.e. taking the Librem 5 guts and refactoring the main PCB to fit into a tablet shell.

We have spent literally years developing the Librem 5 platform, on the hard- and software side. It did not take that long because we were sitting on our hands, but because it was such a great amount of work, even with the extremely dedicated and skilled team we have. We could start it all over for a tablet but that would make no sense. So better take what we have from the Librem 5 and just change the size. Well, actually, there is a little more to it than just changing the size, but at least it seems very feasible and frankly we plan on doing this once we have the Librem 5 in a stable state, i.e. continuously shipping. With the recent major disruptions in component supply chains this has become a real pain and is eating a lot of effort. Right now I would not expect us to be able to start a tablet project this year. For the next months we have to fight hard for being able to ship our current products like the Librem Mini, the new Librem 14 and of course the Librem 5.



For the moment, for me, a good L5 for me sounds much better than a tablet so waiting for L5 to be more stable and definitly I’ll try it.

Keep up the good work

Hi Nicole,
How far are the plans for a tablet? When I can order this (some kind of crowdfunding)?