Is Librem 5 a "Cloud Phone"?


The calls, SMS, Cell ID location, IMSI - are known to the carrier anyway. We will have the option to not use SMS and voice calls at all, even further reducing what the carrier knows. The basically everything bit is behind USB interface in Librem 5, so unaccessible to the baseband. In the most paranoid mode (but still online), the carrier will know what VPN service do you use, and that you use it at max capcity 24/7.


once EVERYBODY starts doing that it won’t be a factor anymore except the fact that in general just using a librem 5 makes you stand out period. buying a librem 5 marks you as #hacktivist ?


Well, either you flood vpn with constant stream of data, or you give away information of when and for how long you used internet, what were the response times of services you accessed, and amount of data transferred. That might be a lot.

I still think I’m not paranoid enough :slight_smile:


I think the only thing worse than ordering a Librem 5 (and now mentioning NSA for the 8th time) I ever did, was to read something LinuxJournal article. Think twice before clicking. #StaySafeOnline
NSA: Linux Journal is an “extremist forum” and its readers get flagged for extra surveillance


just had a brief Shawshank Redemption moment


Late to the party I know, however, instead of the cloud why not just back it up at home. Think old-school iPhones. A script to auto backup every time you are on a preselected WiFi network (make it user selectable, nightly at 1AM, etc) shouldn’t be that hard to write.

#47 - look at BU

this is an example about how even a bash script (no UI) can be good enough - but it’s probably not quite what your are looking for


That is reasonable, but it should become an official Librem software or something… Can have a community bash script that we change some variables in and knows the locations of most things one would need backed up.