Is there a meaning for the LED patterns?

I had a pretty fast look around and didn’t find anything, so forgive me if I missed it.

is there somewhere a table where I can find some meaning for the color and patterns that I get from the LED?

I just got for the first time the LED blinking orange at what it seem a 100ms pulse, with a let’s say 200ms brake between cycles. I noticed the phone was pretty warm, so I suppose it could be related to that.

it often blinks in purple as well, I don’t remember now if it is when recharging or when the battery is close to be flat.

the phone doesn’t seem usage, as I’ve it sitting in front of me in my working desk, all switches are off, with only wifi going on once in a while.

Purple should mean that both blue (notification available) and red (charging) are active. Blinking purple is inherently confusing but I would guess that it is alternating blue and purple i.e. blue + blinking red i.e. there is a problem with charging. To simplify things, view the notification so that it is inactive (blue goes out), and narrow it down to what is happening with red.

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perfect! thanks!