Is there a Purism tablet in the making?

Any thoughts about creating a purism tablet?
I would realy would like to have one if created, i so dissapointed abou the life cycle of android product. After 3 or 4 years an android device is performing so badly including tablet.
I very axious about the delivery of my libre 5 phone (hoping that the life time is better then an android verison).
Knowing linux versions on devices performing much better and longer then android and or windows devices. And are much better in security.


The Librem 11 was a product Purism was actively developing and which was intended to be a tablet. It was shelved as work was shifted to the Librem 5. It is hoped that after the L5 ships, they will once again begin work on it. Fingers crossed.


I understand that they shelved the tablet project and moved to the librem 5 :wink:
If they crowdfund the tablet project i will definitly back them on that.
And indeed fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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