Is there more help somewhere?

What I meant by discount is that you took the savings of someone who made the purchase years ahead of you as opposed to buying it at the current price. This minimizes your loss if you want to list it for sale, as someone might be willing to take a 2nd hand risk given that they can get it sooner and at less cost than buying directly from the manufacturer. Even with the touchscreen defect, someone might find it useful as a server or some other non-phone role. Because it is a Linux distribution, it can do all sorts of things. I am not saying that because you paid less that it reduces your support, I am saying that because another person paid Purism, the refund might have to go through them, and I expect that might be awkward. But I do not know. That might have been an option to pursue within the 30 day window.

I am not support, just someone who reads the forum every now and then, and has several of these devices. I am just trying to help. Part of that is communicating expectations and ways to avoid problems in the future. It is not meant to be judgement. If I did not wish you well, I would not take the time to reply. I have found support to be very professional, and on the forums here, you can find all sorts of characters who reply in all sorts of manners (hopefully not ban-able).

Even though you are past the point of receiving a full refund, I would expect that you can mail the device back for repair or exchange after communicating with the support e-mail. But that is just my personal expectation.

I wish that I could see the phone in action myself too. Giving support over the Internet is frustrating. I am looking forward to the video. I remember that when you first reported the issue, someone suggested that. Maybe you do not need to mail it back. There may be subtle clues that a person familiar with the technology can spot based on seeing it in action. For example, a car mechanic might not be able to tell what is wrong with a car from a description of a noise, but after hearing it, they may know exactly what it is.

When you see a window that runs off the screen, open the Mobile Settings app and select Composer. You can select which windows to scale to fit.

Purism sells replacement batteries, but there are shipping restrictions that they must comply with. I do not know how far the camera app will progress. With enough software hobbyists using the phone, it could get nice, although Purism does not seem to be done with it yet.

If someone were to charge for repairs or maybe even charge to review the device for issues, it might be worth it to pay the shipping plus an hour or so for diagnostics. It sounds like she has received a unit with actual hardware issues.

If you are in the states, consider either a local repair store or someone like Louis Rossman (he’s on youtube) and is familiar with the L5.

Another thought here is to consider the implications of trying to re-flash the device from scratch IF it actually has physical issues.

Sanity check … surely that is not correct?

Maybe a 30 day no questions asked, change of mind, return period has expired.

But has the 1 year warranty period expired? In other words, what was the date of shipment / date of receipt?

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Been there, done that. Waiting for response - I think. I don’t know if they received it yet.

If you think that’s tough, try asking a question :pleading_face: :grin:

I think you meant Compositor.
I had that set to “Scaling down of running applications” which didn’t help. Using your idea, I switched that to Scale down all applications (“as a last resort”). I think Tootle was an offender, but looks good now. Rest should be OK.

Yes. I understand they cannot ship Lithium outside the US. I don’t know if that’s because no country will accept out-of-country lithium, or if the US is hording them :smiley: Probably a airline thing. I seem to recall a plane crash due to lithium batteries starting fire in cargo hold.

Thanks for the help - I really do appreciate it,

Yes. I understand it to be Return because that is what I used in my email title (“L5-Evergreen return”) .
But I moved past that and maybe I can make use of it via Dock like the Hoyoki being sold here. But that’s another Topic :slight_smile:~s

Well, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: Use Support before your warranty really does expire.

However you will see that Purism reserves the right to ask you to do certain troubleshooting before accepting a warranty claim and in my opinion in this case that could involve asking you to reflash the software on the phone (for a totally clean start).

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