It's a phone ... but what is it?

I’m opposed to any handy based variation… I’m not asking someone for a handy when I need to make a phone call…


TOS had a communicator. But interestingly TNG, as far as I can remember, never called anything a communication device such, because it was so built into everything. Tablets were shown but they were just terminals.

And I cringe at the handy as well but maybe over time this meaning will supersede that previous interpretation - such shifts happen over time (look up “computer”). Interestingly, we associate the device with hand. Why not ear, eyes, brain or thought? Thinkingmachine. Brainextension? Earie?

The communicator got miniaturized into the comm badge :wink:

I’m hesitant to call every device a terminal and then open a terminal on a terminal to ssh into another terminal, that’s a bit much for me.


I’ll stick with L-five. It’s gonna be a word in its own right in no time.


It’s not only about Librem 5, it’s also about Pinephone and all other devices which are computer and also usable as phone. These 2 will not be the last two devices I guess.

If we stick on letters:
PPC - personal pocket computer

By the way I knew that some people are opposed to any kind of “handy”. But it is interesting, that German people accepted it as normal word, even if many of them knew it’s a stupid marketing name for mobile phones. But it sounds more trendy and modern. Sound of words seems to be important.


The tablets had a name, a PADD or Personal Access Display Device. I’m not sure its applicable here as the PinePhone and L5 are more than just access displays…

Here it’s also commonly referred to with a hand derived word, like handy - out of convenience though, not due to marketing. It is hand used. Could it become… swipey?

Hey bro, pass me my “Handy”…

Just ask a kid. They know stuff.

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Me: – Mr. policeman, I lost my mobile computer!
Him: – What’s that? Your laptop?
– No, it’s a handheld computer, you know…
– Not sure… what does it do?
– It can do anything! I can browse the internet, talk to friends, play games…
– Hmmm… yeah…how does it look?
– Well, it’s black… it has a touchscreen on one side, it fits in my palm… It has a battery, a cellular modem, cameras…
– Oh! It’s a smartphone, right?
– No, no. It’s a general purpose computer… It’s runs Linux, you know… and convergence…
– ??
– It’s a communicator… It fits in the pocket…
– So we are not looking for a smartphone then…?
– No, it’s more than that… ‘Smartphone’ is just a term coined by evil companies to scam people…
– OK! Well look for that thing and let you know if we find it.


How about: palmtop?

It fits with desk- and laptop. And it is something of an hommage to Palm, that great pda brand of days gone by.


Hmm sorry for you, but:
Me: - Mr. policeman, I lost my Librem 5 - here is a picture of it!

And another situation:
Me: - Hey friend, look at my new device!
Friend: - It’s a huge smartphone, looks like a brick.
Me: - It is no strange device like a smartphone, it’s a [the word we are looking for].

Sooo… I’ll have to print a picture of it. Everyone should have it in their wallets, next to the picture of your significant other and possible children :family_man_woman_girl_boy:+ :iphone: :upside_down_face:
Or maybe tattoo. If the wallet was stolen too.


Oh that’s smart. I was thinking about showing via other device and internet picture, but tattoo is maybe a better option.

The phone package should definitely come with a transfer tattoo - it’s essential.
“Purism, where are our Libre tattoos!” :selfie:

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Pre-Evergreen buyers don’t need a tattoo. They get a branding for free… when the device gets to hot. And no doubt that this device is hot hot hot. :sweat_smile:

Just kidding.

The terms I like most so far is pocket PC (PPC). It is short and even non techies could get an imagination what it is. Still they would call it smartphone.

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Comphone :smile:

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pocket pc is an established term meaning something like untermenschpc, hijacking it won’t do any good.

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Thanks, Kyle.