L14 issues since last few updates

So after the last software update or two, I have noticed as others have about the battery not charging fully. Previously it did, no issue with it charging all the time, to 100%. Last 2 days, it peeks at 67%. Yesterday, I turned off the laptop at 57% and this morning was completely dead, would not boot until it was plugged in, so it drained for some reason overnight while turned off? Then I noticed the date and time had changed to June 17, 2027 and only noticed this when web pages wouldn’t load and error messages told me the date was in the future.

I have checked again, after changing date and time, and there are no software updates to be done.
I’m a newbie, but can’t the settings for the battery charge issue be fixed in the next update? Is it a simple thing to change/fix?
Also, should I update/upgrade periodically whether it says there is a software update or not?

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Maybe I don’t understand this question, but if you don’t have any notifications of available software updates, there will be no updates or upgrades to be done. The system checks for updated packages periodically throughout the day whenever the machine is online, and will notify you if there are any waiting that are applicable to your installed software.

I suppose there are rare situations where one might go looking for a different version number of a specific package to try and get a new feature or fix an issue, or maybe even upgrade or downgrade the Linux kernel for some reason. In general, though, that could lead to other problems.

I’m not sure what’s going on with that battery issue.

I just posted about changing the charging thresholds. Librem-14-failed-to-charge-solved. Look around at your threshold values and also try upower --dump. What is the energy-full value?

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Thanks, I’ll check that post out. I’m a newbie, so hoping it is pretty straight forward!

I understand, and what you say makes sense, but as a newbie to Linux, I kind of assume I don’t know and then ask anyway :wink:

As you should! :slightly_smiling_face: I just wanted to confirm that we were talking about the same thing.