L5 boot infinite loop

After a software update from the PureOS Store app my Librem5 is stuck in an infinite boot loop: It vibrates, the green LED lights up and after a short while the green LED turns off, the phone vibrates, the green LED ligths up, etc.

How can I recover from this situation?

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What I can add to this post and the whole thread steps described and that are related to usage of Jumpdrive, as only workaround, those steps are needed while some people do not find as quite important to execute (after Linux Kernel upgrade, for example, and prior of restarting their Linux phone):
sudo apt autoremove

Thanks for the help. I’ll look into the uuu mode.

I would normally run apt autoremove. However, this time I was browsing the PureOS Store app and while doing so it prompted me to perform some updates. I’m not sure how the PureOS Store app deals with this.

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I do not know (not sure either). I’m simply not using it (or at least not using PureOS Store app for upgrade of main repo packages).