L5 External Monitor No Longer Detected

I’ve got a regular old Dell monitor and an ASUS ProArt portable monitor with a Moshi USB-C dock. The L5 charges and recognizes the flash drives plugged into the dock, and my Steam Deck automatically enables either external monitor. However, the L5 doesn’t detect any external screens.

Just ran apt update && apt upgrade and rebooted, twice. Doesn’t seem to matter if the dock is connected at start up.

Maybe related to this?

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  • Before start troubleshooting in your case, make sure that das-uboot it is 2022.10. To check (requiere phosh 22) go for phosh_setting -> mobile_setting_application -> Librem_5 section

  • Make sure that usb-c firmware is v2. To check: sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tps6598x/0-003f/customer_use

  • Make sure that it using a compatible usb-c hub for Librem 5

I don’t know where to find “phosh-setting”.
phosh --version

I see U-Boot in the newer “mobile settings” application. Says it’s 2019-04-something. How do I update that?

The cat kernel command brought up

I used to be able to use an external screen with this hub so I don’t understand why the regression.
Side note: this is the only dock I’ve found with a ten year warranty. Everything else is around thirty days, ergo nonexistent.

Phosh 22 it come a few new applications one named Mobile Setting.

It is v2.

Not matter the warranty, the matter is that is compatible with Librem 5. So i recommend this Hub from Purism Store, at same time your are supporting the Purism & L5: https://shop.puri.sm/shop/usb-c-hub/

Posts at or after: Status of Suspend for Librem 5

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Sorry my mistake, I not using my Librem 5 because lack a case ATM. Glad you found Mobile Setting.

It is very old and buggy.

Thank you.