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Spoiler: The addon from epinez’ solution makes Firefox much more usable on L5

For fullscreen youtube-video in Firefox switch mobile mode off before going fullscreen.

Original question:

Using the L5 and obviously its mobile phone screen poses difficulties for me as the pages in a browser (especially Firefox) are rendered for desktop- instead of mobile view (having mentioned this, it’s kind of already “interesting” to create this forum post using the L5 as many optical elements fitting fine on a big screen are squeezed - hell, its a pain to create this post).

Did anybody make the same experience (questionmark).

Can anybody point me and others to a practical solution having firefox announce itself as run on a mobile device (questionmark).

Thanks in advance

I couldnt find a way to eg. say this forum or youtube that i’m using a mobile screen. eg. calling m.youtube.com always redirects to www.youtube.com with a get-param saying it’s a desktop-client.

Firefox at least goes fullscreen on youtube-videos and shows them. The standard browser doesn’t want to go fullscreen, shows artefacts - respectively suddenly stops and disappears entirely.

PS: My keypad obviously doesn’t offer a questionmark.


Just install this addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/mobile-view-switcher/ Worked really well for me.

I like GNOME Web in general (especially the PWA app install possibility) but Firefox is just much more usable with this addon.


Which keypad are you using?

You’re my hero, mate! That plugin works like a charme. Thanks a lot.

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? & ! exist. My fault - couldn’t find them in expected spot on german keypad, but they are behind shift as it makes sense.

Great, you asked nevertheless. Thank you.

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Very nice addon! Thanks, it helped immensely!