L5 for sale, ready to ship

I’ve been waiting since November 15 for a refund on my L5 (after waiting till I got the notice that it was ready to ship before I could request a refund, per Purism’s stated refund policy). Though Kyle assured me a month ago that Purism intends to issue refunds, and I believe him that their intentions are good, I would prefer not to continue to wait. He says it’s still ready to ship if I change my mind about a refund. I’m willing to sell it for $500, $99 less than I paid for it. Contact me to coordinate payment and arrange transfer of the order with Purism. Thanks. I’m in the US, if it matters.


This would be a nice time to add your stats to the following thread:


Done. Good suggestion, thanks.

And thanks for your posts in general, always a delight to read.


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Last call. If no one is interested (really?! How is this possible? At $500!) I’m going to tell Purism to go ahead and send me the phone. I’d rather have a phone I don’t really have a use for right now (because where I live in a rural area, I’ve found that support for wifi calling is a must have), than to have nothing at all. Note that at this stage, the modem is still to be determined, so it could go anywhere.

Get it, Librem 5 deserve a home. L5 it current the best true GNU+LNX phone in world, there are fake gnu+lnx out like pinephones or degooglewhatever.

what state are you?

New Mexico

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