L5 Items that still need to be polished mentioned in various other blogs Oct 2023

I was mostly talking about the automated start of backup function while performing a manually initiated update. Since my backup start is automated and in the background if it is inhibited it would just try again when there is no inhibit and it does try again when you manually cancel the automated backup. You can still start it manually, and I agree even with inhibit if you started it manually it should do what you ask it to do (but if it is automatic then it should not), or at least attempt to do the backup and upgrade.


In general, interoperability with external hardware should be improved.
The librem5 is too picky about what hardware it works with:

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • USB-C

When it runs then often not flawlessly, at least not with my hardware (headphones, keyboard, access point, USB hub)

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The one thing I wish the L5 supported was international calling, when I use the same sim card in an iphone I can place international calls, when I put it in the L5 no international calls are possible, that makes it very challenging when your family or some of your family lives abroad. I wish there was more urgency on this.

That is weird. I can make an international phone call without any problem (tested within the EU).

I get the sense that all of us experience different issues; some of us are lucky and experience none.


And that is concerning. It means that today Iā€™m lucky but have no guarantee for the future.