L5 VPN? Can't fill login forms in Eddie-UI AirVPN

Has anyone gotten a VPN to work on the L5?
I’m having issues logging in to AirVPN via the goldcrest CLI application. Additionally, I cannot enter more than a few characters of my pw in the GUI Eddie-UI, nor can I paste.
I do Not have a USB-C hub nor am I able to buy one and “no bluetooth adaptors are found”.
I’ve tried setting the scaling to 100% (down from 200% with no choices between…) and sometimes scale the fonts/text to 1.25x. Some times clicks (taps) don’t register.
Part of the issue with this specific application might be that it’s mono based?
Are there any other options to use a gratis VPN? I’d rather not gave to shell out even a couple dollars per month just for this when I already have a paid subscription.

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I can’t help with the VPN software or the Bluetooth.

For screen scaling factors other than 100% and 200%, there is a hacky workaround using the very basic Scale Screen app that’s included in the software package librem5-goodies, which offers 200%, 175%, 150%, 125% and 100% scale.

It’s a little glitchy and sometimes you have to flick back and forth between scales or bring up the notification thing at the top of the screen to make Phosh adopt the new scale properly, but it gets there in the end. The setting is only temporary; the next time you restart the phone (or Phosh) the scale will be back to what it was before. [Note that the “Restart Phosh” button in the Scale Screen app will force close all your open apps, which is “fun” if you are not expecting it.]

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I see that there’s an eOVPN flatpak available by searching from the software store. I downloaded it and note that the UI fits the screen well, so I plan to try it with AirVPN’s config file, which (I think…?) can be downloaded and imported. I just have to dig up my password.

Try ProtonVPN, based in Geneva, Switzerland and started by CERN people, where the WWW was invented. They have a free plan.