Let's rethink how we are marketing PureOS

Let’s say I’m a well-versed Linux User and I now want to switch to a Debian-Derivative outside of the Ubuntu Family .

I could use Lite because it does indeed simplify the Linux experience regardless of whether I am using their flagship customized XFCE UE or not .

I could use Parrot instead , Parrot’s Architect , Home and Security Versions all improve upon Standard Debian vastly and all in different ways .

I’m just not seeing anything in PureOS . I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to somebody who is looking for a Debian Fork unrelated to Ubuntu . I would recommend they use Parrot or Lite .

Now let’s move on to the fact that Purism also has a Mobile Version of PureOS marketed under the exact same name and using the exact software pool as Debian itself .

An App Made Specifically for Laptop or Desktop isn’t automatically going to readjust itself in a usable manner if you use it on Phablets or Tablets .

I also couldn’t find any way to flash PureOS (Mobile) on a Device . I also couldn’t find any way for a Linux Mobile Developer to contribute a specified , Mobile-Friendly App to PureOS (Mobile) and again , it doesn’t have a specified Web Page or Repository .

Mobian is a Mobile OS based on Debian but unlike PureOS (Mobile) it has a specified Website , Flashing Procedures , Developing Procedures and Repository .

As far as Debian-Derivatives go I am satisfied with Lite or Parrot and as far as Mobile Versions of Linux Distros go I am happy with Mobian .

I’m not seeing any reason to use , recommend or even try to improve PureOS and PureOS (Mobile) .

Sorry, is there a point to this?
You can make whatever choice you please.
And it is not true that PureOS == Debian.


Yes there was a point to that , but since you cannot comprehend it , i’ll make it even simpler ;

let’s try to make PureOS more attractive to somebody looking for a Debian Derivative .

I’m aware that there are some miniscule changes made by PureOS , but I’m saying let’s actually make some changes that are going to divert users from Standard Debian and not make a Debian Derivative just because we can .

And we should also make PureOS Mobile a separate project and make it a noteworthy alternative to Mobian .

I know I am free to choose whatever Distro I want , but I saw some potential in PureOS and I showed where it is lacking . If I truly didn’t care , I wouldn’t have even made this post .

You are also free to choose to sit back , do nothing and let PureOS continue to be managed the way it is , poorly . Which you seem to be keen on doing .

Have at it . You’re already an expert .

Why? PureOS is a decent distro which has its merits on its own. It is fair to say it targets a fringe niche and that is fine.

And you propose to make changes just to be different. That is just silly.

The purpose here again is to be the same as on the desktop not being “different” from anything other.

You stated what you do not like. I very much disagree with your conclusion though.

You assume too much.


Many do already.

https://developer.puri.sm/Librem5/Development_Environment/Phone/Troubleshooting/Reflashing_the_Phone.html and https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Phosh


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That’s not the goal of PureOS though. PureOS wants Debian to succeed, and relies on it. It exists because Debian’s approach to software freedom is considered insufficient (PureOS doesn’t carry any), and if Debian changed to reduce that difference, it would be a good thing for PureOS.

Splitting PureOS into mobile and desktop was how it was done in the beginning, and it’s a way we don’t want to go. It’s extra work for little benefit.

What do you want out of PureOS that it doesn’t do now?

Please no personal attacks.


Most solid way is to contribute it to Debian.


One reason may be that that is the sole supported operating system from Purism. While you are free to install whatever random distro you want, if it doesn’t work then someone may try to help but, at the end of the day, it will be down to you. If you install PureOS and it still doesn’t work then you will get support.

The very freedom to install whatever distro you want is also the freedom to create a support nightmare.

Many companies have seen that the highest quality support experience is obtained by pairing hardware with software, while still encouraging you to own your own device and use it as you see fit, and while not intentionally preventing you from doing that.

Well that is definitely the idea but the number of applications that do that is small compared with the total number of applications.

So you should be able to run the application on the phone, and it will adapt to the phone’s screen, then plug the phone into a dock, and the application will automatically adapt to the dock’s screen.