Librem 13 not booting

Is it normal for such an expensive/overly complicated device to be sent without a user manual?! I turned on my device for the second time today and it will not boot, asking me for the boot #. Please feel free to contact me by phone and help immediately. I am soon to loose my job if this is not resolved.

+1 707-272-5734

Emailing or would be the way to get official support. Leaving your number public on the community forum may get a useful call from a community member or may not end so we’ll. I would not advise leaving your number published in such a way…

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asking me for the boot #

Could you please clarify this? When you first time start your new Librem laptop, you will have to complete the OEM post-install procedure where you setup your disk encryption password, username and user password. See here:

When you start it second time, you first need to enter your disk decryption password to unlock encrypted disk, then, when graphical mode starts, you need to login to your account with your user password.

Sorry…I didn’t learn rocket science. I did exactly as the computer required when 1st turning it on. I saved all passwords. Now the crap is frozen and I’m in the process of loosing my job, thanks to this dump hole!

Can’t someone call me and walk me through fixing the issue?

I just emailed you again! Please respond!

I have same fucking problem with my librem15.
Standard setup works good.
Boots looks good.
Connected the wifi, Did a system update (that pureos sugested). Was asked to reboot did that and now im in a emergency shell.
Dont get prompted for luks password nothing. Had 5 minutes of joy. This under all standards…

@consulting We really need a better explanation of the problem, a photo of the error screen would help. But I believe you just need to perform factory reset of the PureBoot:

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