Librem 13 very secure

I bought the computer 2 months ago and it is very secure. Since it is all but useless, I seldom get online anymore. I realize that’s probably the best way to stay secure. A $1400 lesson.

Did you have a question about how you might be able to make your new laptop more useful to you, or do you just need to have your voice heard?

Have you tried pushing the round button on the top-right corner of the keyboard? Plugging it in?


Yeah seriously. Did you not know how Linux works before getting it? Because I mean you don’t even have to run Linux on it if you don’t want.

Did you expect it make you coffee or something?

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So, what do you use for your computer in a window machine?
Do you need software recommendation for your workflow and entertainment?

Obviously, you wouldn’t play a windows game in Linux machine, but for media consumption like listening to Spotify and watching Netflix, it works flawlessly.

Thank you for giving me a modicum of useful information. I appreciate it.

To the general posts geared toward insult, I’ll reference potential buyer to Libum’s markeing website., Perhaps they should pay attention to what Librum does and does not say to potential users worldwide.

For some reason I find myself not surprised that I’m met with insulting
sarcasm. Yet, I thought there was supposed to be an ethic to this community.

This kind of childishness is pretty much what I’ve come to expect, given what I’ve seen of Purism. How am I supposed to ask a
serious question given the aggressiveness toward ANY mention of
I’ll stop posting and unsubscribe.

You started this thread claiming the laptop was a $1400 piece of junk without providing any reasons you were dissatisfied with it. You said it is effectively useless, and apparently created the thread for the sole purpose of calling it useless, since you didn’t even ask any questions.

If you would like to start again with a friendlier tone or with genuine criticism, feedback, or questions, you may receive a friendlier answer. But coming to a Purism forum just to post that the laptops are useless is not a way to generate friendly responses, and it comes off as uninformed - as though you spent the $1400 without learning what you were spending it on.


One reaps what one sows.

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Is there a way to watch Netflix on a Librum 15 laptop running PureOS? I have not found a way to do it as the Google Widevine CDM in the firefox browser is disabled. Just curious. Maybe I need another Firfox browser that has not been changed?

You could try the chromium browser? I know for some things I do Firefox just won’t work so that is my first way around web issues.

I don’t have a Netflix account to confirm with is the only reason I can’t give you 100% certainty that this would work.

We do not offer Widevine in PureBrowser or in our repos. It is closed source, DRM and thus goes against our dedication to freedom, privacy, and security.

You would need to install Firefox or Chrome to watch Netflix in Linux. This is not something the PureOS team recommends, due to inherent security risk of closed source software, or would be able to help out with. You’ll need to turn to the community for help on this one. There may even be a post in the forum on how to do it.

In that case adding the Debian non-free repository then configure preferences to only use Debian non-free for widevine might be a bit easier to use.


It may be more secure to watch Netflix on a dedicated box (e.g. TV or other AV equipment) if it supports it.

A particularly keen user might try to set up a VM (or other compartmentalised arrangement) within the laptop in order to run Netflix - so that the Netflix insecurity can be isolated.

Thank you all for the inputs regarding this. I don’t want to compromise the security of this machine with the closed source software as it seems like I would be taking a step backwards. I will look into the alternatives. Thanks to you all who have answered this query! Christine